‘I’ll Stand on the Side of Russia’: Pro-Putin Sentiment Spreads Online

On Wednesday’s podcast, Stephen K. Bennon, Mr. Mr. Trump’s former adviser also praised Mr. As Putin’s “awakening opponent”, he suggested that the Ukrainian conflict was “not our fight.”

After the Russian invasion began, some online users accused Mr. Putin’s motives by mixing them with conspiracy theories about Covid-19. A Twitter account called War Clandestine revealed that Mr. Putin was targeting biolabes in Ukraine operated by the United States. The idea was made more credible, the author said, because of the conspiracy theories that led the United States to engineer the Covid-19 in a lab in Wuhan, China.

Pro-American influencers such as Mikel Krump and John Basham, who have a combined 99,200 followers, have expanded the line. Twitter later suspended the War Clandestine account, in addition to another account by the same user for trying to avoid a ban, but people continued to post screen recordings of the thread online.

Twitter said the user’s accounts were permanently suspended for violating its abusive behavior policy and was keeping an eye on emerging stories that violated its rules. Mr. Crump and Mr. Bush did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some pro-Russian critics insisted they were right. Many blame Mr. Biden, his son Hunter and the Ukrainian gas company are hatching old conspiracy theories about Hunter’s job while Mr. Biden was vice president and engaged in diplomatic efforts with the country. There was no evidence of malpractice by Bidens, but conservatives took over the story during the 2020 election.

Arriving for comment, Mr. Altman, a conservative podcaster, said, “You really have no idea about Ukraine. People support Russia because you did not do the right thing when it comes to Biden’s fraud and corruption. I pray for the people of Ukraine, but I pray for the same.” Those who have helped the evil communist agenda in the US should be held accountable.

In an email to Ms. Owens, the host of the conservative talk show, also said that the Russia-Ukraine war Biden’s mistake. “Ukrainians are dying because of the Biden family’s criminal connections and insistence on provoking conflict in the region,” she said.

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