India’s Bombay Play raises $7M for instant mobile games

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Bombay Play has raised $ 7 million in a new round of funding to build more instant games on platforms like Facebook.

The Bangalore-based India-based company is focusing on “hypersocial gaming” or casual games that you can play with your friends, said Bombay Play CEO Oliver Jones in an interview with Gamesbeat. Bombay Play has already seen success with over 40 million players worldwide.

The funding round was led by Kalari Capital with the participation of all its existing investors, namely Lumikai Fund, Leo Capital and Placo. Other new investors like Winzo, Advantage VC, AMEA Ventures.

Jones said raising the round is not as easy as the company does not make blockchain games.

Jones, who started the company with Abhas Saroha, said: “We’re raising money at a time when crypto is all the rage and it wasn’t nice to pitch a traditional gaming company.” “We found ourselves saying, ‘We’re good game developers. And that’s what we’re going to pitch. We are not going to sell you anything except we make you the best games. ‘ We are totally concerned with things like traction. User engagement and revenue. “

Oliver Jones and Abhas Saroha, founders of Bombay Play.

Indeed, the company has 40 million players that it can talk about, and how it can make real money.

“We have had some really big successes in these quick games. These games don’t need to be downloaded, “said Jones. “The sweet spot we got is the games that are easy to pick up and very easy to socialize.”

In addition to raising capital, the company plans to invest in its existing “hypersocial” game offering, allocating a portion of the money in support of an upcoming project. Word Games is a category that the company will focus on.

“The word we use when people ask us to explain hypersocial is the word,” said Bombay Play co-founder Abhas Saroha in an interview with Gamesbeat. That’s what we’re trying to do. ”

Jones added, “Verdale is the new Farmville.”

The Bombay Play Games include titles like Dice Merge Puzzle, Card Party and Daily Word Puzzle. Jones said it takes about three months or six months to develop these games. In that sense, it is not as simple as hyperacusual games, which can be developed into many short games. The company is trying to soft-launch its games as soon as possible.

“We’re in between casual games and hyperacusual games,” Jones said.

Last year the company launched eight games. This year, it plans to launch 24.

While the company is focusing on Facebook Instant Games, it is going to distribute its games across multiple platforms and channels. These games are popular in India, but they are also big in the rest of the world. The audience is in places like Asia, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

“When it comes to gaming in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, we’ve also found some of the busiest users in Tier One countries. We’re getting traction and we’re seeing revenue coming in mostly from those areas, “Jones said.

The company has now raised more than .5 9.5 million in capital, and the latest lending is four times higher than its pre-Series A round valuation in 2020.

Saloni Sehgal, general partner of Lumikai, India’s first gaming and interactive media fund, is one of the early investors in Bombay Play.

“At Lumikai, we have witnessed tremendous evolution from seed to scale as a Bombay Play studio,” she said in a statement. “Oliver and Abhas, as experienced gaming entrepreneurs, bring world-class team building skills, strong user insights, data-driven development and the creation of hit games from India. We look forward to supporting and guiding the Bombay Play’s continued growth and commitment to sharing shared social experiences. “

Bombay Play Team

Founded in 2018 by Oliver Jones and Abhas Saroha, Bombay Play is currently headquartered in Bangalore and has 50 members. The company plans to double its staff by the end of the year.

“We are very impressed with what Oliver and Abhas have been able to achieve and they are definitely one.
Vani Kola, Managing Director, Kalari Capital, one of the most experienced gaming entrepreneurs in the country today, said: “

Jones said the company is studying blockchain technology for games and believes many companies are excited about it. But he sees the company focus first on quality games, and second on monetization. So he expects it to be a pillar of the future, but not necessarily the core of the company.

Making games in India is cost effective, but maybe not as much as before. Jones said the costs for Indian game developers are similar to those in Eastern Europe.

“And gaming companies can hire from anywhere,” Saroha said. “It’s really globalization. Employees and salaries in India are improving a lot. But it’s good for startups like us because we’re not optimizing for cost. We are optimizing to present good games.

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