Innodisk debuts industrial-grade DDR5 memory

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Innodisk has announced its industrial-grade DDR5 memory for workstations. This memory will drive speed, efficiency and reliability in a professional environment.

Innodisk claims that it is enabling early adoption of DDR5 for workstations, bringing server-grade performance into PC form factors. DDR5 brings new features such as double bank groups, same bank refresh, on-die ECC (error correction code) and dual subchannel. This improves data security due to high bandwidth and capacity, low power consumption and on-die ECC. The first CPU with DDR5 support was Intel’s 12th General Elder Lake, launched in late 2021. More CPUs, including datacenters, are expected to launch in 2022.

Inodisk said that its new product, 4800MT / s 32GB DDR5 UDIMM, is already entering the market, designing workstations for engineering and other related applications, citing the design victory with the company. However, memory can also be used for other applications, such as server and embedded applications in surveillance and healthcare.

Innodisk’s full DDR5 portfolio includes form factors such as UDIMM, SODIMM and DRIMM with or without ECC. Innodisk further states that it is sampling the wide temperature UDIMM which reduces the minimum operating temperature from 0 ° C to -40 ° C. All DRAM modules are available in 16GB to 32GB capacities.

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