Internet Explorer Is Shutting Down in a Burst of Nostalgia

The inclusion of Internet Explorer in the ubiquitous Windows operating system and the need to use it on certain government websites has made the browser an integral part of daily life for millions of people, he said.

It also accelerated the demise of Netscape Navigator, the world’s first professional web browser.

“Internet Explorer was definitely not the first browser, but its inclusion in Windows in the mid-1990’s really helped bring the web to a much larger user base,” and making the Internet more widely accessible, Professor Nelson said.

However, he said, “It was never the best browser.”

“If you want high-performance content or you’re on the cutting edge, anything from Microsoft is like walking into your mom’s Toyota Camry,” said Professor Nelson. “It worked but no one really got excited about the low-performance, unpleasant browser.”

In a blog post about the retirement of the browser, Sean Lindersay, general manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, said on Wednesday that despite its significant role in the evolution of the web, “Internet Explorer’s reputation today is, rightly, a product. From the old days – weird behavior and lack of modern browser security. “

Over the next few months, users who open Internet Explorer will be redirected to Microsoft Edge with “IE Mode”, “he wrote.

“Eventually, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled as part of a future Windows update, at which time Internet Explorer icons will be removed from users’ devices,” he wrote. He called the Edge a “faster, more secure and more modern browser”.

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