It Takes Two wins game of the year at the DICE Awards

It took to win another Game of the Year award at the prestigious DICE Awards tonight face to face in Las Vegas.

In one of the first post-pandemic (or mid-epidemic) sports industry events, the game, developed by Joseph “F *** the Oscar” Fares Hazelight and published by Electronic Arts, received top honors from sports industry colleagues at the academy. Interactive Arts and Sciences.

It took two, a compelling co-op descriptive game about a couple going through a divorce and forced to work together, having previously won the top award at The Game Awards in December.

Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart also won four awards. The awards were presented at the 25th DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Awards. The DICE Awards are held annually by AIAS, a 30,000-member nonprofit organization in the sports industry dedicated to the advancement and recognition of the interactive arts.

The night honored a number of industry leaders, including the 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee Ava Boone (National Studios) and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Phil Spencer (Microsoft Gaming).

“We are all players and creators now,” Spencer said in his acknowledgment speech. “People in this room have a responsibility toward the billions: to treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

A variety of stellar sports were honored in the 23 award categories, including some notable multi-award winners, including the following:

Rachet & Klank: Outstanding Achievement in Animation, Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction, Outstanding Technical Achievement and Won Rift Apart for Family Game of the Year.
There were two awards in It Tax Two, winning for Game of the Year and outstanding achievement in game design.

Other top honors were:

  • Deathloop for excellence in game direction.
  • Halo Infinite for Action Game of the Year and Online Game of the Year.
  • Loan Echo II for Immersive Reality Game of the Year and Immersive Reality Technical Achievement.
  • Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy for Outstanding Achievement in Adventure Game and Story of the Year.
  • Outstanding achievement in audio design and return for outstanding achievement in music composition.
  • Unpacking for outstanding achievement for independent sport.

The awards were presented by six-time co-host Greg Miller, co-founder of the Internet video show and podcast Kinda Funny and co-host of Expedition X on the Discovery Channel, Jessica Chobot.

Ratchet and Clink: Rift apart
Ratchet and Klank: Rift Apart is going to define the PS5 generation.

The full list of winners is below, and is also on the AIAS website:

Game of the Year It takes two

Excellent achievement in game direction Deathloop

Outstanding achievement in game design It takes two

Outstanding achievement in animation Ratchet and Clink: Rift apart

Outstanding achievement in art direction Ratchet and Clink: Rift apart

Outstanding achievement in character Resident Evil Village – Lady Dimitresku

Outstanding achievement in composing original music Return

Outstanding achievement in audio design Return

Outstanding achievement in the story Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Outstanding technical achievement Ratchet and Clink: Rift apart

Action Game of the Year Hello Infinity

Adventure Game of the Year Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Family game of the year Ratchet and Clink: Rift apart

Fighting Game of the Year Guilty Gear: Try

Racing game of the year Forza Horizon 5

Role playing game of the year Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Sports Game of the Year Mario Golf: Super Rush

Strategy / Simulation Game of the Year Age of Empire IV

Online game of the age Hello Infinity

Immersive reality technical achievement Lone Echo II

Immersive reality game of the year Lone Echo II

Outstanding achievement for the independent game Unpacking

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