Jen Psaki Joins MSNBC as a Host and Commentator

Jane Sackie, known as President Biden’s first White House press secretary, chaired more than 200 briefings and received TikTok stardom for her frequent spike exchanges with reporters, joining cable news channel MSNBC later this year.

He will serve as a political analyst during this year’s midterm elections and during the 2024 presidential campaign, the network said Tuesday. It is also set to host a show next year on the streaming-only channel, MSNBC on Peacock.

Ms. Saki’s last day in the West Wing was May 13, and her move was widely expected in the television news. Speculation about her possible job at MSNBC began this year when she was still chairing a White House lecture. Ms. Saki said at the time that she adhered to ethical guidelines when discussing future employment prospects.

It is the second largest hirer by MSNBC from the Biden administration. Simon D., a former spokeswoman for Vice President Kamala Harris. Sanders is hosting a weekend show for the network. Ms. Saki said in a statement provided by MSNBC that his program would focus on “fact-based and thought-provoking conversations about the big questions on the minds of people across the country.”

MSNBC is popular with Democrats and left-leaning viewers, and its election and primary night coverage already features opinionated hosts such as Rachel Meadow and Nicole Wallace. Now its viewers will receive real-time commentary from Shree’s main member. Biden’s first-term inner circle.

Ms. Saki previously worked as an on-air contributor to CNN. Prior to that, she served as White House Communications Director for former President Barack Obama and as a spokeswoman for former Secretary of State John Kerry.

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