Josef Fares doesn’t think games need to be fun to succeed

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Joseph Fers Here is an interesting idea about how to make a successful game. The film director, who became a game designer, has a lot of games under his belt. Each of the three is either a decisive or financial success. Each is based around a relatively explored mechanic or descriptive concept.

For hire, the game doesn’t need fun to succeed. It certainly doesn’t hurt, but a game with a unique interaction, which isn’t traditionally fun to play, can be really successful.

“You hear a lot of people say he needs fun, that’s all that matters,” Ferres said. “Yes, sports can be fun but the best moments in sports, for me, are not about fun. To name a few, Journey or The Last of Us is the starting point – it’s content that wasn’t really about ‘fun’.

Sometimes it’s not about having fun

Brothers: The story of two sons is a good example. The first foray into sports is not what I would call fun. It’s a wonderful game, for sure. It’s sleek and sleek. And it resonates emotionally. Fun to play? Probably not. But that game does not work without a unique control mechanism. Each player uses half of the same controller, to play the Brothers cooperatively designed by Fares.

That interaction is the key to experience, and experience without it is scarce. The mechanics of using a single controller are much deeper in the previous investigation. At some point the game gets damaged, and that sudden lack of interaction knocks the whole thing out of the house.

“You play with these brothers, connect really well, and then one brother will die,” Ferres explained. “You will physically miss a brother … The left hand was the one you lost because you are used to controlling the camera through it.”

Farris Brothers followed up with two more success stories. A Way Out and It Takes to Mechanically is more traditional, but use split-screen multiplayer to get the same collaborative feel.

It’s a philosophy I don’t think can work for everyone that sports don’t need fun to succeed. But it seems to work for Joseph Faris, and the sports industry is better for him.

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