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Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone! Is it me, or has this whole week felt like an extended April 1 prank? We’ve heard a lot of rumors and phantom stories about what’s going to happen. And the biggest stories seem like things that would have been a joke a few years ago. Oh well, here’s some good news: Gamesbeat Summit has a nice line-up of speakers!

E3 is canceled this year. I’m not upset about it, because I think it’s happening for the right reasons. I can guess about the relevance of E3 to the modern game industry, unless my fingers are on my keyboard and clutter, but having a big party in person is still not a good idea.

Will E3 return? Should E3 returns? No key! But we’ll probably enjoy more Nintendo Direct, States of Play, and reminders of Geoff Kegley that he knows Hideo Kojima. You know how we must have spent our summer anyway!

Of course, we also got the official unveiling of the new PlayStation Plus update, formerly codenamed “Spartacus”. There is a joke that Sony refers to a story that is known for a group scene that pretends not to be in order to make a fuss over others. I’m not sharp enough on Friday to make it.

Everyone and their dog (and I) have compared the new PS Plus to the Xbox Game Pass, and that’s understandable. Whether they mean it or not, Sony is practically inviting comparisons. But remove the Xbox game pass from the equation and what does Spartaplus look like? Sony has revealed that it is finally bringing old games back to the new PlayStation console – but only if you pay for its most expensive level. This will give you access to not only PS3 games, but games selected from the PS1, PS2 and PSP eras.

I wonder if it’s wise to lock back compatibility behind such a high payroll, although it’s a feature Sony has never shown interest in endorsing before. It almost seems that Sony has realized that playing older games is something that users want and includes it as a carrot to get people to buy high quality, not something they consider gamers. Should Have

Other than that, it’s been a fun week: I’m playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland right now, while waiting for some big non-Spartaplus Sony news to arrive. At the time of writing, this has not happened. The coming week is always there.

Also, I just want to add: RIP Lovestruck. If you know, you know.

What to play this week

What is new:

  • Crusader Kings III for next-generation
  • Fantastic West
  • Death Strengthening directors cut for PC
  • Algae: Book II
  • Unit

New on Subscription Services:

  • Weird West (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Another look (Xbox Gold)
  • Outpost Kaloki X (Xbox Gold)
  • Deliver us to the moon (Stadia Pro)
  • City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow Collector’s Edition (Stadia Pro)
  • Ys IX: Monstrum Knox (Stadia Pro)
  • Chicken cops – paint it red! (Stadia Pro)
  • Wormwood Gym 2 (Nintendo Switch Online)
  • Mapi-Land (Nintendo Switch Online)
  • Dig Dug II (Nintendo Switch Online)
  • The Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion (Prime Gaming)
  • Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (Prime Gaming)
  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Revenge of the Legend (Prime Gaming)
  • Nanotel – Typing Chronicles (Prime Gaming)
  • Guild of Ascension (Prime Gaming)
  • Turnip Boy evades taxes (Prime Gaming)
  • Galaxy of Pen and Paper (Prime Gaming)
  • 1000 Door House: Family Secrets (Prime Gaming)

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