Knative, Google’s Kubernetes platform for building serverless applications, lands at the CNCF

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Knative, a Google-led open source platform for creating and managing serverless workloads in Kubernetes environments, is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

CNCF is a Linux Foundation project focused on advancing Kubernets and other open source projects that are critical to the world’s technology infrastructure. Members include tech titans like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Google first released Native in 2018, and was designed to increase developer productivity by eliminating the resource-intensive functions of server provisioning and management. Serves as the building blocks needed to create and deploy a container-based serverless application in the native clouds, and was developed in conjunction with the likes of VMWare, IBM and SAP.

In the intervening years, large companies ranging from Alibaba and Bloomberg to VMWare and IBM have used Native in manufacturing applications, and Native officially reached version 1.0 in November, meaning it is now considered suitable for commercial use. Shortly afterwards, Google submitted Knative to CNCF for consideration, and the process was completed earlier this week, meaning Knative is now officially part of the CNCF as an incubating project.

In the cloud

From Google’s point of view, donating Knative to CNCF creates a strong sense of independence around the project, although stewards now sit perfectly with “neutral” third-parties – and in turn, promote a more affluent community and encourage contributions. Can. Wide range or developers. However, Google is still the main contributor to the project, and on top of that, the company quickly pointed out that it provides commercial services on top of open source projects like Knative.

“As a member of the Google Knative community, we strive to continue to support the project with a diverse group of maintainers and provide relevant services to customers,” Alexandra Bush, head of open source marketing and the community’s Google Cloud, noted in a blog post. “At Google, we build services managed directly in Google Cloud based on open source technology so that developers do not have to specialize, and can seamlessly port and deploy their application to the cloud when ready.”

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