Malaysia’s LGBTQ activists, and 4Chan’s toxic AI

The vicious online abuse has escalated in Malaysia over allegations of Kovid-19 outbreaks, death threats and eventually arrests and allegations of “insulting Islam”. Earlier this year, she fled to Australia to escape a court hearing.

Although Noor Sajat’s story is by far the most high-profile, it is one of many that show how the online platform has evolved into a double-edged sword for Malaysia’s LGBTQ community.

While creating invaluable opportunities for LGBTQ people to engage, communicate and advocate for their rights, online participation also exposes them to censorship, surveillance and attacks. Read the full story.

– Megan Tatum

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 4 Trained AI spreads toxic unpleasant speech on the chain
Considering the material on which he was trained, this result was disappointingly inevitable. (Motherboard)
, AI still sucks to moderate hate speech. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Apple will have to change the way it charges the iPhone
The new deal requires all phones sold in the EU by 2024 to use the USB-C port. (The Verge)
, IPhones sold in the UK do not have to comply with demand. (BBC)
, There is good news for reducing electronic waste(Protocol)

3 There is a fight going on in New York over crypto mining
And crypto enthusiasts worry that other states could follow suit. (NYT)
, How Bitcoin Mining Ruined This New York City(MIT Technology Review)
, The crypto industry is happy with its newly-proposed regulator. (WP)

4 How the rivers of the Amazon made it a haven of biodiversity
Creating a green micro-environment for wildlife to thrive. (Quanta)
, We’re not worried enough about losing Amazon. (MIT Technology Review)

5 These YouTubers are highlighting the failures of the video games industry
And they are facing plenty of reactions along the way. (WP)

6 In Kenya before his election inappropriate information is running rampant
Which includes attempts to create racial tensions. (Rest of the world)

7 Neptune is a mystery
And it is possible that it could stay that way until 2050. (Atlantic 2)
, On the other hand, we will get an in-depth look at Venus in 2030. (Busy)
, Space debris is a growing problem. (FT)

How the fake juror went viral in the 8 Depp vs. Heard trial
And contributed to the brutal anti-herd content circulating online. (CNN)

9 What life experiences of people with schizophrenia can teach us
First-person accounts of delusion help experts understand how they really work. (Wired $)

10 How TikTok turned Gen Z into bookworms
And gave the publishing industry an important shot in the arm. (The Guardian)

Quote of the day

“We can do this without technology, but why? We are using technology in a way that does not contradict our ethics. “

Auben, an office manager who is Amish, discusses how his company sells millions of dollars worth of products online, reports Wired.

Big story

The nonprofit organization promised to save wildlife. He then claimed millions that he could cut down trees

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