Meta calls for collaborative effort to build the metaverse network infrastructure

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Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has called for a global collaborative effort to build the infrastructure needed to support its growing Metavers ambitions.

“Metavers” emerged as one of the major buzzwords of 2021, driven largely by Facebook who all-in on Metavers and meta changed its corporate name. Metavers will, essentially, be a synchronous series of interconnected, interconnected virtual worlds within which people “live” and move between them.

Over the last 15 years, Meta has autonomously honed resources in connectivity infrastructure, extending everything from sub-cables and satellites to Internet-beaming drones – with the goal of getting as many people online as possible and, ultimately, using Meta’s digital service.

The next big challenge for the next decade, according to Meta, is to create “metavers-ready networks” to enable high-speed, ultra-low latency needs in a mixed reality world where people connect through head-mounted displays.

“The connectivity industry has focused on building the infrastructure needed to support the billions of people who have come online on the mobile-first Internet over the past decade,” Meta VP Dan Rabinowitz wrote in a blog post. “The next great connectivity challenge is emerging – redesigning the network infrastructure to support future computing platforms.”

Things like video-calling and cloud gaming require less latency data transfer today, in a world where someone has turned a blind eye to graphics on-screen rendering in direct response, “… things will need to move faster in order of magnitude,” Single or less double-digit millisecond latency is the goal.

To realize its metavers vision, the world will need “huge enhancements in capabilities and fundamental changes in how networks are designed and deployed,” meaning tech companies, mobile network operators, mobile network operators, huge industry-wide collaboration. Between policy makers, and everyone.

Time to coincide with the annual MWC tradeshow in Barcelona, ​​Meta yesterday announced a partnership with telecommunications giant Telefonica. The tie-up will include a co-building initially dubbed the Metawars Innovation Hub in the Spanish capital, Madrid – this will be to “accelerate the Metawars network and device readiness” through various trial and testing initiatives.

“Through this Metavers Innovation Hub, Telefonica and Meta plan to provide local startups and developers access to a groundbreaking 5G laboratory where they can use Metavers end-to-end testbeds on Meta and Telefonica’s network infrastructure and equipment,” said Rabin.

As part of its presence at MWC 2022 this year, Meta will also host discussions in conjunction with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a collaborative industry effort launched by Facebook in 2016 that focuses on improving telecom network infrastructure.

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