Meta Cuts Back on Some of Facebook’s Perks

According to some employees who viewed the post, many workers quickly got a grip on the comments section at the bottom of the post announcing the change. Just minutes after the changes were announced, employees asked if the company was planning to reimburse them in a new way, and Meta conducted an employee survey to assess if the changes would affect staff.

Meta executives, who are trying to crack down on misinformation linked to the war in Ukraine and face a complete ban on Facebook and Instagram in Russia, were found to have little patience for questions.

In a tone that described some employees as combative, Andrew Bossworth, Meta’s chief technical officer, strongly defended some of the changes and saw the thread in the commentary due to a perceived understanding of entitlement on display. Mike Shroffer, the outgoing chief technology officer, also wrote in the comments in support of the changes.

According to two people who saw the post, another employee working on the company’s food service team pushed back even harder.

“I can honestly say that while our colleagues are pulling three to 10 to-go boxes full of sticks to take them home, no one cares about our culture,” the employee said, pushing back on other people’s statements that the changes would be detrimental to Meta. Workplace culture. “The decision was made to try and curb some abuse while removing the six million to-go boxes.”

It was found that many employees agreed. As of noon on Friday, the employee’s post thread had the most liked comment, with hundreds of workers expressing support.

The famous – if not unusual – benefit from shutting down the laundry and dry cleaning service for employees at Meta headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The laundry service, operated by a third party, had free pickups and drop-offs around campus and was intended to “make people’s lives easier,” according to a 2020 interview with a Facebook spokesperson.

An employee, when reached out to comment on the changes, texted back, “Can’t talk, doing laundry.”

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