Meta expands the “miniverse” with new Horizon Worlds experiences

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Meta announced two new applications from large enterprises using Horizon Worlds metaverse tools. Guitar maker Fender Musical Instruments announced its Fender Stratovers and BMW Group unveiled its MINIverse.

The new Horizon Worlds app debuted at the Cannes Lions event and is available to all US and Canada Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset users. Brands are running towards Metavars, as we saw only yesterday with the merger of Admix and LandVault to create Metavars experiences for brands. And Meta is investing તેના 3 billion per quarter in its reality lab division to create metavers.

“If you tried something (in metavars) two or three years ago, a lot has changed,” said Nicola Mendelssohn, head of the global business group, at a press event. “Every 10 to 15 years, there is a really big change in the way things move in terms of computing platforms. So we have a desktop, we go to mobile. And here we are now in this truly complete immersion experience that you can get. And the true promise of Metavers is actually five to 10 years left. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t busy and involved today. And we’re really seeing brands come together.

These announcements seem to balance the construction of venues and games. Metavers have more than ever before for social experiences, the universes of the virtual world that are all interconnected, as in the novels. Snow crash And Ready Player One, While games are like a way to keep players deeply involved in the gameplay. I wonder which users will be more attracted, and I believe it will be games.

“It’s not about copying what we do in the real world. That’s not the point,” Mendelssohn said. “It’s about changing the way we come together. And you will see that the feeling of your presence is extraordinary. Nor is it about the creation of a fixed world. I’ve seen a glimpse and I can tell you what they both smiled at and they made me laugh for different reasons. “


BMW Group’s MINIverse in Horizon Worlds.

The BMW Group has partnered with Pereira O’Dell, Creative Shop and Meta Horizon Worlds, creators John Burnup, Jordan Marcot and Malcolm Langell to create Miniverse. The VR experience seeks to create an exciting go-kart racing game with up to four drivers.

Players can run MINI around the track blocking gravity. Viewers can intervene to help or create chaos – press the buttons to flick the car off the ramp, or block them with a “whac-a-mole” style pin, or even to help friends speed up in time.

Players can customize their virtual ride for the track and unlock the special EV MINI model by winning more races. Players will have fun customizing their MINI, changing its colors, adding bonnet stripes and contrast roofs. They can try out different racing suits and unlock other MINI vehicles in their quest to stay on top of the leaderboards and challenge friends.

Sebastian Warfield, BMW Group’s chief marketing officer for the MINI brand, said he was excited to be the first automotive brand to move into Horizon’s virtual space. “I think we were all thrilled with the idea that driving to Metawars is undoubtedly the most fun. It wasn’t just about mimicking what you can experience in the real world. It really did add up. “

Players can ignore gravity when they race. Players can customize their MINI and express their own personal taste, he said. Warfield said the community already has millions of fans and now they have a new social space to come together.

Rock on in Fender Stratovers

You can build your own riffs in the Stratovers.

Fender Stratovers Horizon Worlds is a floating island in the shape of a stratocaster guitar.
The islands have huge fender guitar amps and floating planets in the stratosphere and offer co-play audio experience to create original music riffs.

Along with VRinReview’s R / GA, Creative Shop and Meta Horizon World creators Ashley Brilli, Matt Torres and Sammy Nu, Fender Stratowers is a collaborative place where visitors go hunting for virtual scavenger hunts, and across stratovores. To make them elegant combinations of music together.

Players begin by descending on a stratocaster guitar-shaped island headstock and
Once they went down the neck of the guitar and onboard the main attraction after reaching the reef

To participate, people are invited to explore the world together to find the guitar strings, represented by
Sparkling colored fender pics. Once the pick is unlocked, it becomes available to anyone in the world
On the reef maker where it can be placed in one of 18 locations to add their strings to the reef maker
Looping Community Reef.

Players can move the pick inside the riff, and have the option to duplicate it or change it from Major to Minor Cord – or sharpen or flatten it. Air Guitar Zone for fans around the world, with four special golden picks that unlock the ability to record your riff and several Easter Eggs, including extra planets to play your musical creations on the Flying Fender Foot pedal.

“We can’t be happier than being invited by Meta to bring Fender into Metawors
For the first time, “Evan Jones, Fender’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement.” As a brand, we are committed to enabling all forms of musical expression and this technology allows Fender fans and creators to come together, play and create across borders, cultures and distances. We are thrilled with the potential. “

To experience the world, you can find MINIverse or Stratoverse in Meta Horizon Worlds. As part of
Meta’s presence at the Cannes Lions will be the gateway connecting the two brand worlds within Meta
Horizon Worlds Pavilion Demo on Meta Beach. Also, in partnership with Meta Spark, there will be
AR effects are accessed through QR codes that create unique ways for each world sample.

MINIverse is aimed at car fans.

“We’re really excited about this new crop of creatives,” Nicki Bell, vice president and global head of Creative Shop, said at a press event. “No one has been taught how to make this world. It is a new technology. And so it’s really important to be at the forefront of the craft, and to really understand how to make it. The other thing we’re really focused on is thinking about the community. “

Mendelssohn said there are 16 million new guitar players on the market since the epidemic began in 2020. And she said 10,000 new worlds have already been created in Horizon Worlds.

Megan Trinidad, R / GA’s executive creative director, said in a press briefing that she has partnered with Horizon Worlds creators to work with Fender.

“What we really did was partner with experienced suppliers around us to really understand what an experience might be like that would bring the fan and fender brand principles to life,” she said. “This was a huge opportunity to partner with vendors to really test what Horizon World is all about.”

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