Meta Quest Gaming Showcase reveals Ghostbusters VR and other games

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Meta today held its big showcase for all the games coming on the Quest 2 platform. There are select games this year, including Among Us VR and Cities VR. Coming to Meta Quest 2 is everything that the company has shown.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Revenge

The first Saints and Sinners game is coming back with a new chapter, returning to New Orleans to follow the results of the previous game. The trailer features a few short gameplay shots and story details. Revenge is due later this year.

NFL Pro Era

StatusPro has created the first licensed NFL game for VR, NFL Pro Era. The player is an NFL quarterback who can participate in drills and compete in virtual games.

VR between us

Extremely popular among us is finally coming to VR, and that sounds pretty ugly. Everything that puts the player in the thick of action in the new VR perspective seems a little more claustrophobic. It is coming to Meta Quest 2 by the end of 2022. Meta is also partnering with Shell Games on three new VR projects.

Red Matter 2

The sequel to Red Matter, the sci-fi narrative adventure game begins where it left off earlier. Red Mater 2 adds new gameplay mechanics and puzzles. Developers Vertical Robot will release more details about the game later this year.

Aspire 2

Aspire 2 is a sequel to the Stealth Action title, bringing back the dubious protagonist POE from the first title. It will have a single-player story campaign, multiplayer co-op campaigns, new gadgets and an advanced AI system. It is slated to launch in November 2022.

Algae: Book II

Moss: Book II, which has already launched on PlayStation VR, is coming to Meta Quest 2 this summer. Developers Polyark also showed a new gameplay trailer on Quest 2.

Ruins Magus

We got another look at Ruins Magus, a VR JRPG developed by Characterbank. The player’s character is a novice magician and he must embark on a series of quests. It is set to launch on Quest 2 and Steam VR later this year.

Cities VR

Cities VR is one of the few games announced in this showcase that has an exact release date: it is set to launch on April 28. It is a new translation of the city-building sim, with a street-level perspective and VR-friendly UI.

Resident Evil 4: The Tenant

Meta admitted during the show that the Rental Challenge mode is one of the most requested features for RE4’s VR port. It has been launched today on Quest 2 as a free update for those who own RE4. It has VR-specific leaderboards, as well as new challenges, golden guns and other additions.

Beat Saber’s Electronic Mixtape

Beat Saber is getting another inspiration for new music. The electronic mixtape also features songs from Deadmau 5, Marshmallow and Z, among other things. It also has an alcohol sandstorm. It has no confirmed release date yet.


The creators of BonWorks, the latest game of stress level zero is called BoneLab. The new game is an action-adventure game combat / physics sim. Bonelab will also support mods. It is launching on Quest 2 and PCVR.

Ghostbusters VR

The surprise announcement at the end of the show was Ghostbusters VR. Developed by nDreams, the title identifies players as ghostbusters, and gives them the tools to bust the soul. Unlike the movies and the upcoming Illfonic game, it is set in San Francisco. It can be played alone or with up to three cooperative partners. It is set to launch on Meta Quest 2 but has no release date yet.

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