Meta’s AI giveaway, and abortion clinic data tracking

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I used the internet to find you the most fun / important / scary / pictorial stories of today about technology.

1 Brokers are selling location data of people visiting abortion clinics
This is an old problem, but it is gaining momentum in light of the possible cancellation of Rowe v. Wade. (Motherboard)
, The overthrow of Roe v. Wade could force tech companies to help states punish those seeking abortion. (Protocol)
, It could also criminalize online searchers linked to abortion. (Gizmodo)
, The benefits of Amazon’s 4,000 abortion tour do not extend to many of its poorer workers. (Motherboard)

2 Elon Musk says he can charge businesses to use Twitter
But it is anyone’s guess whether we should take this suggestion seriously. (BBC)
, Twitter is testing a new feature for sharing tweets with select people(Mac rumors)
, NFT scammers appear to be targeting Twitter users with a blue tick. (Atlantic 2)
, It’s becoming harder for Twitter users to know what they really want. (Atlantic 2)
, Maybe it’s a neuralink that Musk should focus on, not Twitter. (WP)

3 The heatwave of India and Pakistan is testing the limits of survival
Last month, 104 ° F (40 C.) (CNN) for seven consecutive days in New Delhi.
, Climate change is making these cruel heat waves worse(TR)

4 Shanghai resident was mistakenly declared dead and placed in a body bag
This horrific incident shows the pressure of the terrible lockdown of the city. (The Guardian)
, Shanghai’s lockdown is giving China’s online grocery apps a second chance(TR)

5 NFT sales decline
But does that mean the market is evaporating, or just that the initial hype cycle is over? (WSJ)

Offices equipped with 6 sensors may be smart, but they are susceptible to hacks
This is a big problem if your staff is out of their workplace. (WSJ)

7 Black voters are being targeted by online misinformation
And lies are likely to intensify during the midterm elections. (NBC)
, What you need to know about midterms. (NYT)

8 start-ups run by former executives trying to fix Big Tech’s bugs
Using “conflict coordinators” to prosecute violations of the rules. (WSJ)

9 crypto executives who were not
A cautionary tale for entrepreneurs asking very few questions. (NYT)
, Crypto lobbyists follow money ને Albany. (Fast company)

10 A sailor’s love song went viral on TikTok 64 years later
Timeless melody has captivated a new generation of listeners. (WP)
, Meanwhile, StudyTok is still very popular. (BBC)

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