Microsoft tells workers to prepare to return to the office.

Microsoft told employees they would need to return to the office next month, the first time the Omicron coronavirus variant would be transitioning back to its corporate campus after leaving the country.

The company has long said it will adopt a work environment work environment, in which most employees will be able to work up to 50 percent from home. In a Monday morning blog post focused on its headquarters near Seattle, Chris Caposella, an executive, said starting February. 28, “Employees will have 30 days to make adjustments to their routines and to adopt work choices they have agreed with their manager.”

Mr. Caposella cites high vaccination rates in King County, where most employees live, and the reduction in hospital admissions and deaths in the state as factors in this decision. King County residents, including Seattle, are the most vaccinated in the country, with more than 91 percent of people aged 5 and over receiving at least one shot.

While the ad focused on the company’s home state, where most of Microsoft’s employees are based, Mr. Caposella said the company’s two area sites “will be fully open in February. 28, and we expect many of our other US locations to comply with the terms as allowed.

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