Mobile gamers favor a more diverse range of games than ever

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Mobile gamers are one of the largest audiences in the industry, and understanding them is key for many game developers and publishers. At the GamesBeat Summit 2022, Lexi Sydow, Head of Market Insights at (formerly App Annie), spoke about “The State of Mobile Gaming” and the latest trends on the platform.

One of the highlights mentioned by Sido is that mobile gamers enjoy a more diverse selection of games. While old favorites like Candy Crush Saga still reign supreme, new games like Ganshin Impact are also making waves. Mobile gamers are more inclined to try out different styles and genres of gameplay, and mobile trends match those interests.

Mobile gaming genres and who plays it

“We’re seeing a strong expansion in the types of gamers and the types of games they’re playing … We’re seeing a lot of interesting areas emerging, new styles,” Sido said. She said it’s a mix of both established favorites and new hits. In particular, she noted Subway Surfers, the second most downloaded game in Q1 2022. “They are about to hit 2 billion downloads in a lifetime, making them the most downloaded mobile game ever. We see that some games are still doing very well and have been doing well for a very long time. Subway surfers are definitely one of them. “

Sido also noted that some of the top sports in the U.S. – especially those outside the top ten – had spectators who hated women. These include Roblocks, Homescapes and Candy Crush Saga. “People often believe that gamers are pulling more towards men, which may be true, but on mobile, which was really interesting, is what we actually saw in February: six of the top 10 games in the US by spending, women It was really impressive to watch. “

Some demographics favor certain types of sports over others. “You see, the game of matching and word puzzles is sticking a little closer to the old demographic base. But we can see that they are not just young players, and, as we have seen before, they are not just men. It is cross-demographic and it is growing very fast.

The effect of IDFA

In addition to the general trends, Sido also commented on Apple’s move to remove IDFA – considered a bid for consumer privacy. “The impact is not as great as you might think on mobile gaming ads,” she said. In fact, they brought in more money than ever before.

“We’ve seen 21 295 billion spent on mobile in 2021, a growth of 23%, and it’s set to reach $ 350 billion globally this year,” Sido said. “It includes branding ads vs. in-app installed ads, so sort the whole ecosystem. We haven’t really seen any impact from IDFA in terms of total placement. I think you can see a little more on an individual basis how the ads are performing. There is still a huge demand for them to attract the attention of mobiles. “

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