Nemesysco spinoff unveils emotional detection and AI tools for metaverse

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As organizations continue to move toward digital transformation, enterprise decision makers are increasingly seeing the need for data-driven decisions backed by high-quality analytics. According to Gartner, the main challenge organizations face is the lack of insight into the variety of customer inquiries they receive and the reasons for customer contact.

Steve Blood, Gartner’s vice president and analyst, said in the report that organizations could use speech / voice analytics to optimize contact center costs with self-service, process improvement and deeper engagement. “Application leaders for customer service and support technology who are under pressure to cut costs should first use voice analytics to find out what types of inquiries can be automated or avoided before addressing customer engagement improvements by phone or digital channel,” Blade said. .

Voice analytics holds great promise, with Gartner predicting that Voice of Customer (VoC) programs will complement traditional surveys by 2025 by analyzing voice and text interactions with customers. In the digital age, quality customer experience is not the only use case for voice analytics. For example, voice analytics can also help organizations improve operational efficiency across the board.

Another report by Deepgram and Opus Research shows that 77% of companies are using voice technology to identify new business opportunities, and 62% to increase revenue. Cases of use for voice technology are huge and Israel-based voice analysis technology company, Nemesisco, wants to push new boundaries in the industry.

Nemesysco is in the process of launching a new voice analytics company called Emotion Logic, which will use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and measure human emotions and improve automated communication and interactions in the metaworld world.

While the parent company, Nemesysco, uses its proprietary layered voice analysis (LVA) technology to address a variety of needs in the security, corporate and financial markets, Emotion Logic will focus on creating a natural, human experience in the digital world.

How Nemesysco’s technology works

Amir Lieberman, founder and CEO of Nemesisco, told VentureBeat that the company’s technology uses more than 150 unique bio-markers extracted from sounds that researchers found to be related to human emotions. He said the company’s technology is designed to capture the speaker’s actual emotional state and measure uncontrolled psychological and physical changes in voice during open conversation.

Lieberman said excitement, excitement, aggression, stress, fatigue and mental effort are just a few examples of the many emotions Nemesisco’s technology can detect and measure.

“Our goal with Emotion Logic is to integrate the insights gained through our technology – together with the textual layer, metadata and any other input – and fuse it all into an AI engine that understands emotions and not just what the person has to say.” But what does the person really feel, “he said.

He said Emotion Logic will provide real and unfiltered data to enterprises and their decision makers regarding their customers’ intentions and levels of satisfaction from the monitored experience. In other cases, it will provide insights into employees and their needs in the organization.

Cases of use of technology

Nemesysco currently serves call centers with a wide range of functions ranging from support (original sentiment analysis, agents churning search) and sales (sales optimization) to debt recovery, risk assessment and fraud detection. The company also supports work-from-home survey, medical survey, market research use cases and serves organizations with recruitment processes. Lieberman also said that Nemesisco offers both risk assessment and true personality assessment tests using the semi-automated platform, adding that one of the company’s larger clients has recently established a full unit of internal investigation and audit.

While Lieberman expects Nemesysco to develop further on the security side and continue to develop more friendly, intuitive and in-depth reports and solutions for enterprises and governments, he said the future of emotion logic will be different. He said the spinoff of Emotion Logic from Nemesisco will also be a key driver for growth in the coming months and has set ambitious milestones for both companies, especially to reach a new generation of AI development.

“It’s about the deeper integration between company emotion and the new generation of AI that we’ve been imagining for over 10 years. Emotion logic is AI-based and genuine emotion detection is one of the things the company will do, “he said.” Our ultimate goal is to enable the creation of real human-like AI with the ability to understand human-like experiences. ”

What Nemesysco is doing differently

Lieberman said that while the approach used by others in the industry analyzes prosody or text levels to predict emotions, its approach with LVA technology is different.

He said the LVA is built on an understanding of the origins of human emotions and how they sound. The company also focuses on sub-phonetic components in sound.

Lieberman agreed that there are many emotion search engines on the market today, but noted that they are all based on different approaches, such as training AI sets with actors to identify what an angry person sounds like or how sad feelings are heard. . Other approaches, according to Lieberman, try to understand emotions from selected words. At best, he said, these approaches enable AI to recognize the acting sounds that represent different emotions and how they relate to the choice of words.

“Our approach is different and our level of understanding human emotions is far ahead of what is commonly discussed and is second to none in today’s market,” he said.

More on Emotion Logic

While Nemesysco currently has 15 headcounts, Lieberman said he expects the number to double in six to 12 months. He said the company would hire more specialized developers and top managers as it began its transition to more direct relationships with customers with more meta world activities and emotion logic.

While Nemesysco has been self-financing from the beginning, Emotion Logic will take a different approach. Emotion Logic currently seeks to raise $ 10 million to fund the development of the first product line and to establish a basic partnership to further the company’s future growth.

One of the great opportunities in the market is Emotion Logic. Lieberman said voice communication is likely to play a significant role in the meta-world, especially in robotics where human-machine interactions, web 3.0, metavers and emotion-sensitive service will be paramount.

“No one likes to talk to a robot who can’t pay less attention to how you feel. Even today’s good robots are annoying to hear. Now, imagine that one of these robots is trying to sell you something. Without some level of embedded humanity, emotion logic is not evolving, “he said.

Emotion Logic currently operates in Nemesysco’s office and is managed by Nemesysco’s staff, but that will change when the company secures its initial investment in hiring dedicated developers and AI experts.

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