New York Times Tech Workers Vote to Certify Union

Tech workers in The New York Times on Thursday voted in favor of certifying their union in the National Labor Relations Board election, making it one of the largest tech unions in the United States.

The workers voted in favor, 404 to 88, easily reaching the required majority. The victory means the union could start negotiations for an agreement with the Times Tech Guild, management.

“We’re excited and really excited about what this means, not just as tech workers for The Times and The New York Times, but for the tech industry as a whole,” said Nozli Samadzadeh, a senior software engineer. “I think this will be the beginning of a planning wave in the tech industry.”

Ms. Samadzadeh said the union was keen to agree on issues such as “newsroom unit fighting for the same issues – pay, diversity and equity, a strong agreement to make our workplace more just”.

Times spokesman Daniel Rhodes Hay said the Times was eager to establish an agreement with the union.

“We continue to believe that this election process was complicated so that our colleagues could learn more about the union, hear both sides of the argument and, ultimately, make informed decisions,” she said.

The Times Tech Guild, which represents about 600 software engineers, product managers, designers, data analysts and other workers, asked the Times for voluntary recognition in April. The Times refused, so the matter went to a formal election by the Labor Board.

The Labor Board had in January filed a complaint alleging that The Times management had violated federal workplace law by barring some employees from showing support for the union. A spokesman for the Times said at the time that the company disagreed.

The Times Tech Guild is represented by New York’s Newsgild, which also represents editorial staff in the New York Times and the company’s product-review website Virector. In 2019, the Times voluntarily recognized the Vierector Union.

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