Nintendo adds missions and rewards to Switch Online

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Nintendo has added missions and rewards to the Nintendo Switch for anyone who has subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. The Japanese gaming company follows both Microsoft and Sony on the console side, as well as many digital PC platforms.

Gamers can navigate to their Nintendo Switch online section to see the new missions and rewards section. Completing tasks will earn Platinum Points, which can be exchanged for a variety of changing prizes.

The mission itself is nothing particularly difficult, but serves to stealthily maneuver owners to switch to lesser-known services and facilities. There is a definite time to complete them; Three of the current harvests end on Mondays, while the biggest prizes run all month. As with missions, an active subscription is required to redeem anything.

Have fun for free too

Even without an active subscription outside the console, there are more opportunities to earn and redeem. My Nintendo site has a similar system for Nintendo services and smart device software. They offer a huge amount of platinum points, but they all seem one-off.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp offers six missions for over 1000 platinum points. The Super Mario run has 12 missions for a total of 610 points. Fire Emblem Heroes has 71 missions worth 100 points per piece.

Finally, there are 14 missions worth 700 points in the Nintendo Services category. This mission is a little different than the rest. They have functions such as linking social media accounts to a Nintendo account or visiting certain websites to find hidden pictures. The awards are even more specific. Platinum Points can be exchanged for in-game unlock, gacha currency, crafting materials as well as wallpapers and more.

It’s not groundbreaking, but the rewards seem like a fun way to customize your online presence a bit more. Unfortunately at the moment nothing is Wario themed, so Jeff just has to save his points and wait.

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