Our best illustrations of 2021

ToMIT Technology ReviewArt team, here are some of our favorite paintings of the year:

Ideological illustration
N E. Coli Biocomputers solve a problem by sharing work
Andrea Cronopoulos
The mind is falling apart
Scientists are unraveling the mysteries of the human brain in eight ways
Nahang le
Ideological illustration
Geoffrey Hinton has an idea of ​​what lies ahead for AI
Kill Mutshelknaus
JF21 cover
The issue of food
Image of print magazine cover
Change issue

3 questions of space science that computing helps to answer
Daniel Zander
biomilq concept illo
Startups are scrambling to reproduce breast milk in the lab
Amrita Merino
Ideological picture showing the faces of various women being scanned
An awesome new AI app swaps women into porn videos with one click
Pedro Nekoi
Fantasy: Dark space on the map
Pictures by John Wong
crispr pig concept
Gene acquisition has made pigs immune to deadly epidemics
Saleman design
Smart ribbon glasses with camera eyes
Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to sue our face
Saleman design
Chicken Network
Technology can help us feed the world if we look beyond profit
Pablo Delcon
Death and Jeff Bezos
Meet Altos Labs, Silicon Valley’s Latest Wild Condition to Live Forever
Alami, Getty (Bezos)
Portland and Montreal public toilet elves
How To Build A Clean And Safe Free Standing Public Toilet
Julian Glender
Ideological collage depicting directors and actors of Netflix India television series and movies
Netflix vs. The battle of the soul of Modi and Indian cinema
The concept of panacea
Is everything in the world a little conscious?
crispr decode
CRISPR-Decoding of child stories

Meat with wind turbine
We are on track to set a new record for global meat consumption
Ideological illustration
Deepfake porn is ruining women’s lives. Now the law can finally ban it.
Franziska Barzkic

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