Peter Thiel, the Right’s Would-Be Kingmaker

The wine flowed. Donald Trump Jr. mingled with the guests. And Peter Thiel, a tech billionaire and event host, had a message for the well-heeled crowd: it was time to clean up the house.

Fundraiser at Shri. Thiel’s Miami Beach compound was last month for a conservative candidate challenging Liz Cheney, a Wyoming representative, for a seat in the November midterm elections. Ms. Cheney, one of the many Republicans who ousted President Donald J. Trump voted for impeachment in January on charges of incitement. Storm 6 of the US Capitol was the face of “Traitor 10”, Mr. Thiel said, according to two people with knowledge of the incident, who were not authorized to speak in public. Through conservatives loyal to the former president, he declared that all needed to change.

Mr. Thiel, who became known as Shree’s biggest donor in 2016. Trump’s presidential campaign has re-emerged as the main financier of the Make America Great Again movement. After sitting out of the 2020 presidential race, venture capitalists are backing 16 Senate and House candidates this year, many of whom have falsely admitted that Mr. Trump won the election.

To bring these candidates into office, Shri. Thiel has given more than 20.4 million. It essentially connects him and Kenneth Griffin, chief executive of hedge fund Citadel, as the biggest individual donors to Republican politics in this election cycle, according to the independent think tank OpenSecrets.

What does Mr. set. Aside from Thiel’s expenses, his focus is on the hard-right candidates who are Mr. Trump and those who have presented themselves as insurgents are determined to overthrow the Republican establishment and the broader American political system. These campaigns have raised millions of small-dollar donations, but Mr. Thiel’s fortune could spur a shift in views once considered a fringe in the mainstream – when he created himself a new power broker on the right.

“When you have funds that are actively pushing candidates who deny the legitimacy of elections, it is a direct attack on the very foundations of democracy,” said Lee Drutman, a senior ally of the New Group, a left-wing group studying the campaign. Finance and hyperpartisonship.

Candidates Mr. Thiel has funded a window offer in his ideology. While the investor is something cipher, it is currently inspired by the world view that establishment and globalization have failed, the current immigration policy is robbing the middle class and the country should dismantle federal institutions.

Mr. Thiel has begun to express his views in public, most recently at the head of at least six conservative and pro-independence rallies where he criticized the Chinese Communist Party and major tech companies and questioned climate science. He has raised the issue with what he called “extreme fundamentalism” in the establishment, which he said has sent the country backwards.

At an October dinner at Stanford University for the Federalist Society, he talked about the “distracted society” created by the “completely disrupted government”, according to a recording of the incident obtained by The New York Times. The United States was on the brink of a momentary correction, he said.

Mr. Thiel said.

Mr. Thiel, 54, has not publicly stated what he thinks of the 2020 election. But in Mr. Three people close to the investor said Trump, they see a ship to advance their ideological goals. The two men recently met at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago Club in New York and in Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. Mr. Thiel. Trump’s closest aides, two people familiar with the deal, said.

Unlike traditional Republican donors who have focused on their party’s victorious control over Congress and the White House, Mr. Thiel has set his sights on restructuring the Republican agenda with the brand of his anti-establishment paradox, Stephen K. Bennon, Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist.

“I don’t think it’s just about flipping the Senate,” Mr. Bennon, who knows Shree. Since 2016. “I think Peter wants to change the direction of the country.”

Mr. Thiel is expected to donate only a small fraction of the hundreds of millions of dollars that are likely to flow through the campaign in this cycle. But the amount he is pouring into the individual race and the early nature of his initial donation has put him on the radar of Republican optimists.

In the past, many were billionaire coach brothers or Sheldon Adelson, the late dignitaries of the casino. This year, they have sued Mr. for the invitations. Thiel’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami Beach, or at least with him, were discussed over the phone, political strategists said.

Mr. Three Republican strategists, who declined to be named for fear of retaliation, said Thiel personally examines what they offer candidates. In addition to Harriet Hagman, Ms. Cheney, he is backing Joe Kent and Lauren Kalp, both running against the House Republicans in Washington State who have been criticized by Mr. Trump. He also handed over a political action committee affiliated with Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who is not ready for re-election this year.

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