Police used social media to surveil Black people, and India’s worsening heat waves

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Elon Musk attacks Twitter’s top lawyer
Tweets criticizing her sparked a wave of racist abuse. (WP)
, Women and minorities are very aware of how they feel harassed on Twitter(NYT)
, Following the announcement of the deal, Republican senators gained followers. (Economist)
, No CEO is an island when it comes to running social media platforms(WP)
, Twitter hid the tweet promoting the documentary About QAnon. (Gizmodo)

2 Russia is still plagued by cyber attacks
While hacks targeting Ukraine have declined. (Wired $)
, Many of Russia’s cyber attacks appear to support its military strikes(NYT)
, Ukrainians are fighting a colonial war. (New Yorker 2)
, Ukrainians pose with destroyed Russian tanks for social media shots. (WP)

3 Other countries have adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender
However, only 4% of people in the Central African Republic have access to the web. (BBC)
, Crypto millionaires are pouring money into Central America to build their own cities. (TR)

4 Meta revenue growth is the slowest in a decade
But eventually it stopped losing users. (FT)

5 North Koreans are jailbreaking smartphones to access foreign media
And he is helping them to challenge the government. (Wired $)
, North Korea’s defectors have blown up leaflets in the country(Reuters)

6 Google may remove search results that may be used to dock you
This will include taking personal information such as your address or login credentials. (The Verge)
, A reminder that your social media timeline is not democratic. (Political)

7 Shanghai residents are helping crowdsourcing to survive the lockdown
As the city enters its fifth week of bans, people are building a network to exchange everything from recipes to pet care tips. (WSJ)
, Anger at the lockdown is testing China’s victorious Kovid story(NYT)

8 Marine biologists have developed GPS for the ocean
Hopefully that will make tracking marine life less challenging. (Economist)
, A huge ocean current appears to be slowing down. (Scientific American)

9 Lost your phone? Here’s how to access your account
So that your privacy is not compromised. (WP 2

10 zoom meetings can make us less creative
Because it is easier to shake hands with others and more fruitful in person. (The Guardian)

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