Productsup nabs $70M to help brands sell better

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Berlin-based ProductsUp, a company that provides SaaS platforms to help brands, retailers and marketplaces stay at the top of product-to-consumer information value chains and achieve big wins in the complex omnichannel commerce landscape, announced today that it has a 70 M: Is. Category B round of funding.

While modern-day commerce seems to revolve around the Amazon, the real story is quite different and complex. Retail giants are taking advantage of numerous channels and platforms to take their brands and products to consumers in different markets. Now, in the beginning, this seems like a simple task where you have to create a few accounts to move forward. But, when you are working on a large scale with multiple brands active in multiple countries, the simplicity disappears. Imagine that Beauty Group operates 30 brands in 40 countries. For them, reaching customers in every field through major social channels would mean 1200 Instagram accounts, 1200 Facebook accounts and so much more. They need to be updated regularly, which means that even a small error in a product’s information value chain – be it an inaccurate description or image – can result not only in individual sales but also in hard-earned consumer loyalty, revenue and profits.

Productsup and its P2C platform

Productsup’s P2C platform addresses this challenge by managing a variety of product-to-consumer information value chains on a scale. It offers a 360-degree view of product data and combines it with capabilities such as automated product content syndication, marketplace data management and feed management to make necessary improvements across marketing and sales channels.

“Full visibility of data across all channels combined with the ability to update in real-time, allows companies to easily manage the production experience,” ProductsP said in a blog post.

The company currently serves 900 global brands and retailers with its platform, processing over two trillion products per month. It claims that the platform can reach more than 2500 channels and helps companies increase their traffic by 1000% and store revenue by 20%.

Growth figures also support this promise. ProductSup has seen a 60% ARR growth over the last twelve months, with a total revenue retention rate of 90% and a net revenue retention rate of 120%. Additional questions sent by VentureBeat for revenue numbers went unanswered at the time of writing.

Plan ahead

With this round of funding, led by Europe’s Bragel Milestone, Productsup will accelerate its product development and merger and acquisition efforts as well as expand into new markets to help companies better manage their products in the commerce ecosystem.

The company’s ultimate goal is to turn the complexity of modern commerce into a competitive advantage – as competition in the retail sector grows it will be very useful to come out. Globally, ecommerce sales are projected to exceed 5 trillion by 2022.

However, it is important to note that ProductsUp is not the only building solution to help companies sell better. The space has specialized players like Salsify, Zenttail, Feedonomics and Shopware as well as giants like Salesforce and Shopfiy.

“Our decision to partner with ProductSup was based on a long-term, sustainable path as a mission-critical enterprise-grade commerce solution,” said Cyrus Shea, managing partner at Bragel Milestone.

“While alternative vendors mostly offer point solutions, ProductSup specifically addresses the needs of the evolving commerce market for a single view of all product information value chains and offers seamless, end-to-end product data control – in all global and chain. In a real way. Time, ”he added.

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