Putting AI to work for CX and sales in 2022

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This article was contributed by Ramon Icaciano, Pathlight’s Chief Consumer Officer

As we enter the new year, it’s natural for customer experience (CX), sales and customer service leaders to ask: What went well? What didn’t And where can we improve? If you’re the “futuristic” type, you might ask: Should I adopt AI to improve my business results next year?

The problem with AI today is that it is difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. At CX, we look for companies that use AI to enhance human interactions, increase customer satisfaction, and respond quickly to customer service issues – with minimal or zero need for a live customer service agent. In sales, managers and representatives use AI as a new way to predict sales, accelerate sales engagement to bring bottom-line results and organize live calls with customers. But, when it comes down to it, you can’t just throw AI at any problem.

The main example of where AI can go wrong is – Containment Law – a long-proposed and frequently misused metric. High control rates are often considered good because it means that automated systems – ideas AI chatbots – solve customer problems without the need for human interaction. This means that the company saves resources.

But keeping customers away from representatives is not always good for the customer, nor for add-on sales. Callers can be frustrated if the AI ​​chatbot is not properly designed or trained. Can a well-designed system work in these situations? Yes. But it should be done very carefully. To be clear, it’s not all bad.

Here are some examples where AI shows promise.

Increase sales and revenue with AI

Companies have realized that AI has tangible and practical application in sales and, if used properly, can bring profit to the bottom line. The analyst community agrees. Gartner research estimates that some 70% of customer experiences over the next three years will involve some type of machine-learning component.

AI CRM can force-multiply sales representatives by automating repetitive tasks such as data entry and scheduling meetings. It helps to prioritize delegates so they can focus on high-potential, high-paying deals and the most important customers. AI can also provide analytics on communications between sales representatives and potential customers, including emails, phone calls and chats. Other use case examples include sales forecasting, lead qualification, routing / matching and coaching sales and CX representatives.

After the holidays, consumer expectations often intensify as consumers search for deals. Now is a good time to find out if your contact centers are willing to deal with demanding customers who receive holiday bills during the tax season, or have returned several weeks ago – or have a slow turnaround on them due to sticker shock. Can happen. When the cost of services and renewal increases.

Enter predictable call routing, which helps the agent improve CX by looking at customers’ past behaviors and preferences to predict the skills and personality traits the agent needs to provide the best service possible. In the case of this use, AI reduces escalation time and improves satisfaction for both the caller and the agent.

Today, there are many proven examples where AI is changing the customer experience. Virtual employee assistants like AI customer service bots and Cortana are becoming more common and capable. According to Salesforce’s latest state of service report, more than half of service providers will add chatbots to their lineup over the next year and a half.

Contact centers face the challenges of training agents on an ongoing basis. Coaching and development for agents is a top priority, and AI can help to recommend learning on a specific demand and strengthen optimal performance by analyzing agent metrics and caller responses. AI-enabled performance helps intelligence managers identify problems with agent performance early on, and in the survey we conducted, 85% of managers said that this response allows them to manage more people at once.

AI will get better for sales and more

Turning to the try-and-true baseball analogy, we’re probably in the second inning using AI. AI will become increasingly useful for CX, CS and sales teams in the coming years as the source data they use will become richer as the segmented data silo will be more integrated and more widely distributed to enterprise resources.

Ramon is Icaciano Chief Consumer Officer at Pathlight


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