Qualified, a Salesforce-native platform for turning prospects into buyers, raises $95M

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Qualified, Salesforce-Native Platform that helps companies convert website visitors into paying customers has raised $ 95 million in a Category C round of funding.

Salesforce needs a bit of an introduction, given its high status as one of the most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) tools – it claims an estimated one-fifth of the CRM market. But in a world that has rapidly transitioned to the digital realm over the last few years, companies are looking to sellers and marketers for prospects – e.g. Website Visitors – Need new ways to help convert customers. And in the same place enters the qualified mixture.

With big-name clients like Adobe, Databricks and VMWare, Qualified is all about helping B2B companies “generate a pipeline”, as it says, by targeting people who are interested in a particular product. Through qualified communication, for example, companies can connect with potential buyers during their website visit in real-time, via voice or video calls, messaging or chatbots. But more than that, it gives companies insight WHO To make sure they can target key purchase decision makers (or “VIPs”), that’s right on the website.

By combining salesforce information with other technologies such as reverse IP and data enrichment, companies can see who is currently on the site, and divide them into related categories, such as company size or industry, and even specific companies.

Qualified conversations

On top of that, Qualified Signals gives companies account-based sales intelligence to see which visitors are red-hot and ready to buy – it does this by monitoring website activity and periodic engagement, which relate to specific actions related to purchase intent. Helps build. Therefore, companies can throw their best sales staff at visitors who are most likely to make a purchase.

Qualified hints

Qualified is led by co-founder and CEO Craig Swanserud, who sold a company called Keiden to Salesforce in 2006 and who became Salesforce’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) five years later.

“Almost every B2B CMO has struggled to build a pipeline in the last two years,” Swanserud told VentureBeat. “With a qualified platform, B2B companies can tap into their most valuable asset – the corporate website – to meet buyers and quickly generate pipelines. With Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals, Sales Representatives can understand which accounts represent higher purchase intent, while VIP buyers are on the website, connect with them in real time to answer questions and book a meeting.

A quick peek into the competitive landscape reveals several similar platforms that help companies communicate with customers – for starters, there are drift choices that were effectively acquired by Vista Equity Partners last year, while Intercom is currently monitoring the IPO. Is going. . But Swanserud said Qualified offers enough different features to distinguish it from the pack, including the ability to predict a particular account’s “buying propensity” (through qualified signals). But more than that, Swanserud argues that Qualified Web offers a more “human-centric” approach to converting visitors, even though chatbots are a big part of its arsenal for customers who want it.

“In general, Qualified Platform focuses on human-centered sales and making your sales and marketing teams smarter,” Swanserude explained. “While other communication platforms aim to replace your sales representatives with chatbots, Qualified believes in humanizing the business. That’s because the sales cycle progresses when the conversation takes place – a real, lively human-to-human conversation. “

Powered by Salesforce

Founded in 2018 from San Francisco, Qualified had previously raised about $ 68 million, with Salesforce Ventures investing funds in each of its previous phases. And truly, Salesforce’s Venture Capital Arm series is back for the C Round, led by Sapphire with additional partnerships from Tiger Global, Norvest Venture Partners and Redpoint Ventures.

With another $ 95 million in the bank, Qualified is well-funded to build on the 400 percent revenue growth it said it has seen in the past year, and has doubled B2B sales in some of the world’s largest companies. Moreover, today’s announcement comes just weeks after Qualified announced its so-called “Pipeline Cloud”, which packages a set of “technologies and processes” to help revenue teams “generate more pipelines.”

“Our investors recognize that we have the unique opportunity to disrupt the legacy B2B pipeline generation process,” Swensrude said. “With this new capital, we will bring a vision of the pipeline cloud to salesforce customers around the world.”

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