Raj Tahil ’81 and Mary Jo Wrenn

Raj Tahil credits MIT for boosting his entrepreneurial spirit. “I learned to look at problems as interesting opportunities,” says President of Torpac Capsules, which specializes in custom capsules and pharmaceutical equipment. In the spirit of creating opportunities, Tahil and his wife, Mary Joe Renને, have created the MIT Donor-Advisable Fund (DAF) – an increasingly popular way to facilitate charitable giving.

Benefits of DAF. MIT DAF enables the donor to establish a charitable account managed and operated by MIT Investment Management Company, from which it can be distributed to MIT as well as other charities. For Tahil and Ren, the speed at which DAF funds could be utilized came at a crucial time: in the spring of 2020, they met Professor J. Christopher Love, Raymond A. And distributed DAF in Helen Eney’s lab. . Laurent Chair in Chemical Engineering to support lab work on the inexpensive Covid-19 vaccine.

A global perspective on the environment and health. The couple returns to MIT in a variety of ways, including fellowships to help graduate students doing research to improve the environment through scientific, engineering or public policy solutions. Tahil especially appreciates MIT’s research on environment and medicine. “MIT is contributing to a better world by bringing its holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to problems in a variety of areas,” he says.

Help MIT build a better world. For more information, contact David Woodruff: 617.253.3990; daw@mit.edu. Or visit give.mit.edu.

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