Razer’s going green and wants to bring everyone along for the ride

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Starting from the top of the razor is coming closer to environmental sustainability. The company is launching its two best-selling peripherals, Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential, to explore how to make its products more environmentally friendly.

These rats are the first two products in UL’s Ecologo certification razor catalog. That certificate will be reflected on the packaging by the end of 2022, but that is already a fact.

UL is a global security certification company. It is based in Illinois, has offices in 46 countries, and is one of the OSHA accredited companies that can perform a valid security test. Both Basilisk V3 and Deathread Essentials passed the UL2710.

UL2710 is an investigation that examines product materials, energy use, end-of-life management, extension of useful life, packaging, corporate practice, and production and operation.

“By using the Ecologo mark, companies like Razer can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and a clean environment through reliable, third-party review and certification through one of the world’s most trusted ecolabeling programs,” said Doug Lockard of UL. Statement for GamesBeat. “Ecolabels, such as Ecologo Certification, UL Greengard Certification, Environmental Product Declarations or Environmental Claim Validation, can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions and select products with the desired environmental and sustainability characteristics.”

Certified Receiver Razor is the first gaming manufacturer

Having an Ecologo icon is a very big deal. If you are shopping and have an Ecologo icon in one of your favorites you can be sure that it is a good choice. At least you’re choosing with less overall environmental impact.

By the end of 2022 you will see this on DeathAdder Essential and Basilisk V3 packaging.

Computer keyboards and mice could meet the requirements and qualify for ecologo certification at any time so far. No manufacturer worries. Not up to the razor, anyway. It may be just two rats right now, but the razor eventually wants to nail eco-labels on all of its products.

“What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to share with our community that the mice that help them win in sports is also a win for the environment,” said Kenneth NG of Razor. “Unlike companies making their own claims about their products being sustainable, we go the extra mile to prove to our fans that our products are truly sustainable. Our community of gamers can rest assured that their favorite mice have been thoroughly tested by a reputable scientific institute that has given us a comprehensive list of criteria for granting ecologo certification. “

This push towards an environmentally sustainable focus will affect many consumers. Razor reaches more than 178 million viewers in its hardware and software products.

“Basically there are about 2.3 billion gamers worldwide,” the NGA said. “UNEP (UN Environment Program) insists that if climate change is to occur, it must begin with the gaming community. Gamers are essentially the future leaders of the world.”

Razor is making sure the rest of the industry doesn’t fall behind

Razer is not just content to stop at making its own products sustainable. He wants other companies to do the same. The sports industry lacks a standardized way to measure sustainable products, so Razor and UL partnered to provide one. Both companies have led industry-level efforts to identify key indicators of environmental impact. They want all other manufacturers of gaming products to measure and monitor these indicators.

It’s a win / win for Razor. Its products are environmentally sustainable. What if all the other manufacturers follow in their footsteps? Then the razor forced a serious change for the better in the world.

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