Reddit has announced new advertising tools for its site

Reddit has announced new advertising tools for its site

Reddit‘s advertising platform is getting a makeover. By boosting editing possibilities and improving the system’s functionality, the new updates give bid ideas and modifications to its current features.

Reddit has announced new advertising tools for its site

According to the information on the Reddit application page, the initiative’s main purpose is to help advertisers and businesses improve their efficacy in terms of not only controlling their advertising, but also the way they target their ads through the platform.

You can use the bid recommendation tools on this page to create an ad group and obtain advise on how to offer to reach your target audience. This will assist you in managing the cost-per-click for various campaigns.

What Are the Different Reddit Ad Types ?

Reddit offers two types of advertising to marketers: sponsored posts and display posts:

Posts that have been promoted

They are available as text or link advertising. Regardless of the style you choose, they look like regular Reddit material, with the same blue and light background as non-sponsored posts. The posts are also branded with the “Sponsored” tag to distinguish between paid and unpaid material.

  • Ads for Link: Designing and designing is simple. The Reddit ads include a link to your website or to a specific product page. The self-serve advertising platform is used to create links adverts, which require only a brief introduction.
  • Text advertisements : These ads go to a second Reddit page that might be used as a landing page for the services you’re offering. The advertising might link to a forum about your product, as well as a Reddit page with further information about it, or another internal Reddit page you want to create.

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