Redownload your Harry Potter e-books from Pottermore before they disappear for good

Customers have been sent an email warning of the change.
Image: Pottermore

If you purchased Harry Potter eBooks from Pottermore, you may want to re-download your copies before the end of the month option becomes better. The site sends an email to its customers informing them that the books will not be available for new downloads after January 31, since it was withdrawn from sale in September last year.

When it launched in 2012, Pottermore was the only official way to download digital copies of Harry Potter books. While department stores like Amazon run promotions for the title, which is one of the best-selling books ever, stores will take customers to Pottermore to finalize the sale (retailers like Amazon would have gotten a discount anyway).

But e-books revenue has reportedly declined over the years, and in 2015 it could be found in a variety of online stores. Digital better versions were released on Apple’s e-books store in October 2015, and later that year on various digital stores such as Amazon. Pottermore later morphed into in 2019.

Although the option to re-download an existing book purchase from Pottermore will disappear for the right one at the end of the month, it should not be too difficult to maintain in your current virtual copy.

On Twitter, Ryan C. Gordon notes that the current download includes a DRM-free .epub document, which you should be able to switch to any new e-reader in the future (although you need to convert the .epub document to create it. Can be read on Kindle) .

Just make sure you hide the document in a safe place in the future if you don’t have to pay once more for the books you already own.

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