Report: 25% of mobile endpoints have faced malicious apps

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According to a new report from Zimperium, one in four mobile endpoints has encountered malicious apps. The report takes a look at the surface of mobile attacks, examining one-year worth of mobile threat data in the review, including a deep concentration on mobile device threats and mobile app threat trends. It also provides roundup and local analysis of mobile threat data from the region, including leading mobile attack vectors, regional analysis, exploited mobile vulnerabilities, mobile phishing trends and mobile malware trends.

There is no denying that mobile endpoints are exposed to increasing risks, which put enterprise data and services at risk. This data point is one of the most surprising observations from enterprise clients and the risk data reported from Android and iOS devices protected by Zimperium globally.

Furthermore, in 2021, there was a 466% increase in exploitative, zero-day vulnerabilities used in active attacks against mobile endpoints. Despite the huge popularity of mobile devices over the past decade, the last three years have seen zero-day vulnerabilities that make mobile endpoint a more significant challenge than ever before. In 2021, one in three Zero Day attacks in the wild targeted mobile endpoints, with iOS devices accounting for 60% of victims in these attacks.

Twelve graphs.  Expected event per device per year.  In order from the most popular to the least popular: mobile malware;  Man-in-the-middle;  Malicious website;  Scan;  Known malicious network;  Traffic manipulation;  Compromised devices;  Rogue access point.

In the world of BYOD, the mobile device attack surface is no longer just a threat to the consumer. Each one presents a risk to enterprise security. In the hands of the right attackers, any exploitation can be an effective tool in attacking managed or unmanaged mobile endpoints, helping them gain a foothold in enterprise systems and networks.

Read the full report by Zimperium.

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