Report: 29% of execs have observed AI bias in voice technologies

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More than a third of global industry experts report that the Covid-19 epidemic has affected their voice tech strategy, down from 53% in 2021, according to a new SpeechMatics report. This shows that companies are looking for obstacles that seemed incomprehensible. Two years ago.

The adoption of emerging technologies has increased over the past two years, as companies have taken advantage of it to support their dispersed employees. Speech recognition is one that has seen an increase: more than half of companies have successfully integrated voice tech into their business. However, more innovation is needed to help technology reach its full potential.

Many were optimistic in their assumption that by 2022, the epidemic would be in the rearview mirror. And while executives are still navigating COVID-19 in their day-to-day lives, the data suggests they may have found something similar in general from a business perspective.

However, there are obstacles that the industry needs to overcome before voice technology can reach its full potential. More than a third (38%) agree that many voices cannot be understood by the current state of voice recognition technology. What’s more, about a third of people have experienced an imbalance in the types of sounds perceived by AI bias or speech recognition.

Significant advances in speech recognition technology are expected in the coming years. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent developments in the Covid-19 epidemic, with AI-powered customer services and chatbots and more. But while it may take years for this technology to understand every sound, this initial phase is still making additional progress, and speech-to-text technology is on track to realize its full potential.

SpeechMatics has collected data points from a range of industries in C-Suite, Senior Management, Middle Management, Intermediate and Entry-Level Professionals and Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, Oceania and Asia.

Read the full report via SpeechMatics.

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