Report: 33% of devs say data privacy is a big obstacle for the metaverse

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One-third (33%) of developers believe that data privacy and security are the biggest barriers to metavers. This is according to a new study from Agora, which polled 300 developers to gain a better understanding of their ideas and assumptions as it relates to the current state of Metavars and what it holds in the future.

Metavers has been labeled as game-changing by many experts across a wide range of industries and for developers, allowing the development of new communities and the ability to better connect with users. Gaming and Entertainment have the potential to make the most of Metawors. When asked which industry would benefit the most or experience the most positive impact from Metavers, the developers surveyed ranked gaming and entertainment at the top, with 26% each.

Emerging technologies allow for better social experiences in metavars, largely due to augmented reality or advances in XR. As technology continues to progress at this rate, there is a real chance that metavers could mark the center of human interaction in the future. Metavers will allow users to have more engaging and connected experiences, so 72% of developers believe it will be important to implement real-time engagement (RTE) technology, such as interactive, two-way digital video and audio. RTE will be key because the social aspect will be essential to the success of Metavers, and 55% of developers will be able to see it over the next five years instead of real life, personal social interactions and experiences.

Bar graphs indicate various obstacles that devs believe metavors have to overcome.  Data privacy and security ranks first at 33%, ecosystem interoperability ranks second at 12% and disinformation / hate speech at 10%.

The rise of cryptocurrency and interest in metavars has also made currency a popular topic of discussion. More than half of the developers surveyed believe that NFTs will continue to grow and become the dominant currency in the near term. As a result, most developers also believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology advances will be important to shape the future of metavars.

Read Agora’s full report.

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