Report: 75% of companies are focusing on cloud-native apps

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According to a new Tiger report, 75% of companies are focusing on cloud-native application development. The growing development and deployment of cloud-native applications also raises the need for more advanced observational and security capabilities.

Cloud-native workloads have increased with the rapid digitization caused by the epidemic and the need for more agile, powerful development tools. By 2025, Gartner estimates that over 95% of the new digital workload will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021.

Given the dynamic, distributed, and transient architecture of cloud-native applications, which in turn lead to large-scale attack surfaces, it is not surprising that 96% of Tiger surveys explore one or more aspects of cloud-native application security. Be challenging. Almost everyone surveyed (96%) stated that security, compliance and observability are the most challenging aspects of cloud-native applications.

The results of the survey also indicate that companies want to reduce the level of application attacks and quickly identify risks. To do this, they see workload-based IDS / IPS, DPI, DDoS protection and WAF (69%), workload access control (59%) and microsegmentation (43%) as the top network security capabilities they need.

When asked about the biggest barriers to container adoption in his organization, he said the leading barrier was the lack of skilled resources (56%). Complications came second, with 53% citing it as a barrier, followed by security (52%). Other constraints include container orchestration management 2%, compliance (40%) and troubleshooting (30%). As one of the leading barriers to successful container adoption, it is not surprising that most companies (98%) have expressed the need for container security. The top two capabilities companies need for container security are runtime security (74%) and workload assurance (71%). Image scanning tops out the top three, with 47% of organizations saying they need this capability for container security.

The results of the survey show that the momentum towards cloud-native applications is strong, however, companies need tools to increase visibility and provide security at the container, application and network level. These tools need to eliminate barriers and delays during development and deployment, while also reducing the risk of delayed time, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations.

Tigra commissioned Dimensional Research to survey more than 300 security and IT professionals from around the world. This survey highlights the needs and challenges of organizations, especially in the areas of security, observability and compliance when it comes to container and cloud-native applications. Tigera focused on individuals with container responsibilities in companies with 10 or more employees. All had direct container responsibilities.

Read Tiger’s full report.

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