Report: 77% of enterprises have adopted multicloud housing

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A new report on 11 million buyers spending a combined $ 250 billion on cloud infrastructure draws the curtain by intricately – highlighting the top prospects and the biggest opportunities that sellers can start pursuing today.

Critical analysis of today’s cloud infrastructure market shows rapid growth over the past two years due to the rise of multicloud, a popular IT management strategy that almost 80% of all enterprises have already implemented for their hosting services, and about 60% of CDN (content distribution) Network). With a 20% increase in 2021 with the adoption of three leading providers (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft Azure), the promise of lower cost of multicloud and elimination of vendor lock-in is affecting the CDN and cloud hosting markets in particular.

The adoption of multicloud for both cloud hosting and CDN has not had the same impact on the market. Small-to-medium-sized companies (50-250 employees) show the lowest level of multicloud adoption at only 10%, followed by startups (1-50 employees) even with 22% multicloud adoption.

Graphics.  2021 Multi-Cloud Hosting Adoption Rates.  22% of startups have adopted multiple cloud hosting providers.  10% SMBs have adopted multicloud hosting providers.  20% of mid-market jobs have adopted multicloud hosting providers.  And 77% of enterprises have adopted multicloud hosting providers.

As vendor lock-ins become less prevalent with the move to multicloud, cloud vendors can also feel confident in pitching their solutions to those who have partnered with their competitors. For cloud vendors eager for specific market insights, the report highlights the potential for high cloud costs and the global top potential of cloud infrastructure demand exceeding $ 1 million per year, including global consumer brands such as Bacardí, Iberia Airlines and Sweetgreen.

Data for the report was collected by observation rather than survey or meta-analysis. Intricately’s Global Sensor Network collects data from publicly deployed applications to provide insights into how millions of global businesses are using cloud solutions – and how much they’re spending.

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