Report: 90% of orgs say Salesforce’s CRM tools help them achieve success

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According to Salesforce, 60% of customer interactions now take place online, and 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiative. Against this background, a new report by AllCloud seeks to understand how medium-sized companies are using Salesforce to enhance digital customer experiences and impact on their business.

One of the top steps from the research is that Salesforce has been the catalyst for the company’s growth over the past two years, with Salesforce 90% rating as “very important” or “extremely important” for the success of their business. Meanwhile, the majority said that since the beginning of Covid-19, sales force has become more important for their success.

Notably, there are no signs of a slowdown in sales force adoption. More than 93% of organizations across all industries said they would adopt additional salesforce products in the coming year. This widespread adoption highlights the value of these organizations as seen in Salesforce and their vision for creating a cloud environment that supports digital, customer-centric strategies.

90% Salesforce for the success of their business
Ninety percent of Salesforce rated their business as “very important” or “extremely important” for success.

Another key finding is that consumer goods organizations have long relied on Salesforce to support customer-centric digital transformation, and they are doubling this strategy by increasing their Salesforce footprint. According to the report, 46 percent of consumer goods organizations now use six or more salesforce products.

In addition, 38% of consumer goods companies said salesforce has become more important since the onset of the epidemic as it helps them manage challenges in customer service, and 25% said it has become more important because of their ability to help remote employees. . Salesforce accomplishes both goals by enabling universal access to critical data.

AllCloud surveyed 200 leaders in the sales, service, marketing and IT sectors from companies with 300-5,000 employees spread across all industries. All the work of companies currently using Salesforce, in which more than 70% of people have used Salesforce for at least three years and more than 80% of people have used more than two Salesforce products.

Read the full report via AllCloud.

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