Report: 92% of HR leaders plan on using AI to acquire talent

As The Great Resignation, or Great Rishfling, continues to make headlines, HR’s focus is on job seekers, job hoppers, and job offers. Finding and retaining talent is at the forefront, but it is a short-term priority, and current approaches have failed to address the future needs of post-epidemic employees.

As a result, technology solutions, especially in AI, have been rapidly adapted to help HR teams overcome ongoing talent shortages and record-high turnover. Equipped with valuable data and insights, HR leaders can use AI to enhance their processes and build the future of work that is intelligent by design.

New research from Eightfold AI shows that change agents in HR are harnessing the power of AI to make more informed talent decisions on a scale. In fact, 92% are planning to increase the use of AI in at least one area of ​​HR, including areas such as talent acquisition and management processes, new employee onboarding and payroll processing.

Most HR leaders are already starting to use AI in their departments, especially for recruitment, recruitment and onboarding processes.
Most HR leaders are already starting to use AI in their departments, especially for recruitment, recruitment and onboarding processes.

In addition to assisting in talent acquisition and management processes, a significant 95% of HR leaders are using AI for DEI efforts. However, no response broke 50% – indicating a big runway for improvement. The biggest missed opportunity was using AI for masked / blind resume review, of which only 26% were implemented.

The data also indicates that employees’ priorities have changed: they value transparency, flexibility and, above all, growth opportunities. It is time to democratize opportunities for progress for everyone. Employees have high expectations when it comes to securing their future and they are often eager to learn more and face new challenges. Yet more than half of HR leaders do not extend career advancement opportunities to every employee. This is a missed opportunity to tap, propagate and retain the inner talent.

In this post-epidemic era, it is almost impossible for any HR person to meet every expectation at once. AI helps in the recruitment process by enhancing the human experience – not hindering. Implementing AI in HR can provide a holistic view of the workforce, and can help HR teams at every stage of the talent life cycle, giving them the greatest potential for change.

Read the full report by Eightfold.

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