Report: 95% of IT leaders feel open source tools are key to strong infrastructure

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A new survey by Red Hat has found that cloud computing and ongoing services built using the open source development model and open source code are increasingly important to almost every industry. Absolute 95% of IT leaders say they are key to their enterprise infrastructure.

Surprisingly, 82% of IT leaders stated that they would prefer vendors who contribute to the open source community, partly driven by a desire to sustain healthy open source communities. It also hints at the continued development of open source code as an engine of innovation.

The top three uses for enterprise open source (EOS) were IT infrastructure modernization, digital transformation and application development, the survey showed. While proprietary software is expected to decline as a percentage of the software used, EOS will rise and find a big boost in emerging areas, with 80% of IT leaders expecting to increase its use in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, age and age. IoT.

Also, security is becoming an open source advantage. A total of 89% of IT leaders stated that enterprise is more secure or more secure than open source proprietary software. This is one of the major changes in open source software security from a decade ago. The top advantage of today’s open source security is that teams can use well-tested open source for in-house applications.

The big drawback of the report is that more companies will continue to market more products based on open source projects as the benefits are broad and strategic and are no longer largely about the low cost of ownership, as was the case four years ago.

The survey includes interviews with 1,296 IT leaders from around the world. To ensure credibility, IT leaders were unaware that Red Hat was sponsoring the survey.

Read the full report by Red Hat.

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