Report: 95% of IT leaders say Log4shell was ‘major wake-up call’ for cloud security

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According to a new report from Valtics, 95% of IT leaders believe that Log4Shell was a major wake-up call for cloud security, replacing it permanently. The report highlights key trends in cloud workload security after Log4Shell, including insights into patching efforts and business implications for 2022.

In 2021, Log4Shell was used and shook the entire global cyber security landscape. The humble part of open-source software – ubiquitous with enterprise applications and cloud services – quickly became a concern for IT teams, executives and boards as they struggled to protect their most valuable data, systems and platforms.

Research has found that 87% of people now feel less confident about their cloud security than before the event. The research also found that even 3 months after the incident, 77% of IT leaders are still working with Log4J patching and 83% said that Log4Shell has affected their ability to address business needs. Most companies still lack clear visibility in their cloud environment, leaving many IT leaders in the dark about what is really happening in this environment. And since the Log4Shell event, cloud visibility has become more critical than ever.

Log4J woke up the IT world, making leaders aware of how fragile their defenses are actually in the cloud. While public clouds provide new opportunities for modernization and transformation of organizations, many organizations have struggled to find cloud security operating models built for a more dynamic, distributed and open environment than their legacy datacenters. IT and security leaders are in a precarious position as they continue to deal with Log4J while at the same time considering investing in cloud security technology that will help them prepare for the next event.

In March 2022, Valtix teamed up with an independent research firm to survey 200 cloud security leaders across the U.S. to learn more about how IT teams view and secure their cloud workload after Log4Shell. To better understand.

Read the full report by Valtix.

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