Report: AWS, Azure and GCP evaluated for overall performance — which is best?

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The annual report, produced by Cockroach Labs, found statistical dead heat in three major cloud providers. The report evaluates the performance of AWS, Azure and GCP for general online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads. Testing has shown that all three cloud providers offer price-competitive options as well as high-level performance for OLTP applications, indicating market change as the industry matures functionally and moves towards standardizing linear pricing models.

This year, the report benchmarked 56 instance types and 107 different configurations and ran 3,000+ on the following broad axes, including OLTP performance, CPU performance, network performance, and storage I / O performance. In addition, this year’s report has improved the test design configuration for all tests and added testing for different sized sample types; Cross-region latency; storage tests with fsync; Variable OLTP workload complexity; And 12x longer throughput test duration, previously ranging from 60 seconds per test to 12 minutes per test.

The report states that AMD beats Intel in overall performance: Machines with AMD Milan (EPYC Gen 3) processors claim top positions in both CPU benchmarking and OLTP testing for both large and small types. Over the years, Intel has led the pack in overall performance, with AMD competing on price-performance metrics. This year, both the Overall Performance Leader and the Price for Performance Leader were AMD-based examples.

In addition, all three clouds have cost-competitive opportunities: all three clouds were statistically dead in heat when it came to price (and performance). Example and storage combinations that are a little more expensive are potentially very competitive depending on the specific workload requirements.

Finally, storage and transfer costs have a big impact on the total cost of running: the total cost of the “hidden” costs of storage and data transfer can have a greater impact than its cost, especially when it comes to making it highly resilient. Stateful application.

Read the full report by Cockroach Labs.

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