Report: Bots cost businesses millions of their online revenue

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Bots directly and indirectly harm businesses. Bot traffic costs businesses millions of dollars each year, whether it’s scraping content, buying goods from someone else, or using stolen passwords to get accounts. Netassia’s new research shows that bots cost businesses an average of 3.6% of their online revenue, but the problems are much deeper.

If businesses are unable to distinguish between actual customers and bots, then marketing analytics can make the data useless. Businesses have been burned by the marketing budget and poor decisions have been made based on poor marketing data. Despite the low profile, this ad is as big a problem as fraud. To fight the enemy, you must understand it. We want to know what businesses know about bots – and what beliefs they still hold.

Many people are confused about what techniques and techniques are effective against bots, where these bots are used and who uses them.

Of greatest concern is that more than two-thirds of businesses believe that web application firewalls (WAFs) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) security will protect them against bot attacks. These tools are valuable and recommended, but they are not effective against sophisticated bots – making businesses vulnerable to attacks that can be the difference between profit and loss.

Bots are being “democratized” and offered as a service, so the big nation states are behind all bot attacks and the assumption that they are being traded on the Dark Web is completely outdated.

In the war between businesses and bots, bots have the upper hand due to lack of understanding. To defeat bots, you need to know better about the enemy – and that means exposing these constant myths.

Netacea interviewed 440 US and UK based businesses in the eCommerce, Telecommunications, Entertainment (including online gaming and streaming), Travel and Financial Services markets. The survey was conducted by Netasia in collaboration with independent B2B research expert Coleman Parks. The businesses surveyed had a turnover of $ 350 million to $ 7 billion.

Read the full report by Netacea.

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