Report: Cloud automation is key to future-proofing cybersecurity

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As hybrid work becomes the new norm, businesses recognize that people are not going to return to the full-time office anytime soon. The IT environment is changing with the constant migration from on-premises systems to hybrid or multicloud environments. The complexities of a diverse environment challenge IT teams to implement and manage consistent security policies. In fact, many businesses have spent the last two years trying to achieve or maintain stability in a hurricane of uncertainty and rapid change. But what about the future? As the enterprise looks to the horizon, there needs to be a focus on sustainability rather than just prosperity. This is according to Delina’s latest survey which explores how enterprises face future-proofing challenges.

Delina’s research explores important, yet sometimes misunderstood and low-value topics of future-proofing. It highlights the challenges facing the security industry and points to a balanced path of expertise and automation to guide our work.

The report finds that cloud automation is seen as the key to future-proofing cyber security, especially when linked to autonomous privileges and access. The good news? Eighty percent of people are looking for ways to automate access control, especially for privileged access. But despite seeing a 68% increase in budget and staff, they continue to face increasing risks from expanding threats that are challenging to address. 59 per cent indicate that the leading factor pushing their need to future-proof their access security in 2022 is the increasingly complex, multicloud IT environment.

The insights given in the infographic infographic are also listed in the full copy of the article.

But research points to a conundrum: overconfidence in security preparedness can lead to security disasters. Surveys have found that future-proofing becomes more important when organizations are overconfident in their security measures. Despite the challenges ahead and knowing automation will be crucial to their future success, 83% of regulators believe in their current access control, although two out of three companies admit to being victims of a cyber attack.

As cloud migration accelerates, the pressure to manage complex systems in increasingly complex, fragmented and sensitive IT environments will continue to grow. Hybrid solution will become mandatory. As the scale of activity and risk scenarios increase, we are likely to rely more on machine learning and autonomous safety controls that do not require human intervention. That would be true for on-premises and cloud views.

They are the most knowledgeable, forward-thinking leaders who will choose the most effective security investment to set their organizations up for future success. The better prepared you are for the long term, the more agile and resilient you will be in times of rapid change.

The report analyzes the responses of more than 300 IT business decision makers from a survey conducted in February 2022 by global research firm Census-Wide.

Read the full report by Delinea.

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