Report: Healthcare industry remains top target for cyberattacks

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Incident response firm BreachQuest has released its latest report examining the healthcare’s top risk actors and practices, observations from past cyber attacks and insights on ransomware incidents as well as actions and best practices organizations can use to become more secure.

Risky Artists With the constant innovation and use of upgraded types of ransomware and malware, healthcare organizations should explore how they can increase their readiness. Based on the data and unique challenges found in Healthcare Vertical, the report provides perspective tips for organizations to reduce insurance coverage and ensure resilience. Some of the topics covered include botnets and healthcare; Why healthcare data is so valuable; And how healthcare organizations should protect themselves when nearly two-thirds of their violations come from vendors.

Although ransomware is a common attack vector, the healthcare industry as a whole is a major target for cybercriminals for a number of reasons. About 60 percent of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry occur in the United States. Because of the sensitive information contained in medical databases, the data is seen to be more valuable and is sold on the Dark Web for more money or, in most cases, held hostage until the ransom is paid. During the occurrence of encryption, organizations lose many hours in efforts to restore operations and regain access to data. Most importantly, organizations lose the ability to care for their patients. Ransomware attacks are more expensive than other types of breaches, as the data is very sensitive and valuable.

Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has been slow to update its older systems and keep up with cybersecurity technology, dedicating a small portion of its budget to cybersecurity compared to other sectors. In fact, only 4-7% of a healthcare provider’s IT budget is focused on cyber security. However, this number is expected to increase. Despite growing cyber security awareness, cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to get better and faster.

There is no easy solution for healthcare organizations and privacy. The complexity of nation-state attacks, zero-day attacks, espionage, stolen trade secrets, misinformation and stolen financial matters will continue to be a problem for healthcare organizations. However, there are great people and organizations that provide guidance, framework and information and knowledge sharing to help businesses and organizations, including healthcare.

The report includes data with original BreachQuest analysis and integrated research from a variety of sources.

Read the full report by BreachQuest.

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