Report: Increased cloud usage secures spots for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud as the top 3 providers

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A new report from Flexera shows that AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the top three public cloud providers. This year Azure reached an important milestone: it closed the gap with AWS while other cloud providers did not show much growth. For each public cloud provider, specify whether they are running a significant workload in that cloud, running some workload, experimenting, planning to use it or have no plans to use it.

It is important to note that adoption – i.e. the organization using the cloud provider – is the only factor influencing revenue growth for the provider.

In addition to adoption (if an organization uses a cloud provider), usage levels are also an important criterion. As organizations increase cloud usage overall, they tend to be attracted to market leaders. Data from this year’s survey suggests that Azure is either closing the gap – or slightly exceeding – the AWS with some users.

Public cloud provider adoption rates for all organizations.  45% of organizations with heavy workload have Azure, AWS at 46%, Google Cloud Platform at 19%.

As the first large-scale cloud provider, AWS is more frequently used by organizations that have been using the cloud for a long time and are heavily cloud users. Overall, 81% of heavy cloud usage organizations use AWS, compared to 80% using Azure. Among organizations that use the medium cloud, Azure has a slight lead and is highly adopted for organizations that are lightweight users. Although the Google Cloud Platform ranks third among all maturity levels, its popularity is significantly higher among organizations that use the cloud heavily (51%).

Flexra’s survey was taken from a panel of 753 technical and business professionals who are independent of Flexra’s customers and prospects. The survey was conducted at the end of 2021.

Read the full report by Flexera.

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