Report: Majority of execs believe data is vital to sustain the metaverse

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Metavers is still in its infancy, but businesses recognize the value of the new digital environment and data will play a role in driving the development of Metavers. According to a new report from Bright Data, 70% of C-Suite executives are either planning a metavers strategy or have begun implementing it.

This business investment in the platform also raises new questions – such as security in metavers or how an enterprise can make the best use of this digital ecosystem – and data is a common thread. Eighty percent of Metavers data is critical to their business operations over the next 5 years. Among those who considered themselves very familiar with Metavers, that number increased to 96%. These initial data points shape the breathless speculation surrounding the business in metavars, and they outline a clear message: businesses are preparing someone to enter metavars, in some form, and they put the data forward and central.

Their concerns about data and security, with the most urgency, could also be used by Metavers to point out how other Ideas are pointing to the business. While 72% of people point to virtual markets as a use for metavars, more than two-thirds (%) also pointed to the potential of metavars as a future digital working space.

Top Integration Challenges in Metavers.  87% believe that new / unskilled employees will be needed.  60% of IT leaders say 'data' and 'security'.

However this enthusiasm comes with potential challenges. Twenty-four percent shared that they are either looking for data intelligence solutions right now or have planned for the next two years. Sourcing metavers-savvy employees are also on the minds of IT leaders – 87% of hires agreed that they would have to upskill new staff or existing employees to integrate with metavers.

For these findings, the research team collected 400 samples from the US and the UK. These samples also represented the size of the enterprise and a wide range of industries. Most had senior management or sea-suite leadership in either of their organizations, and 90% of the sample worked primarily in IT.

Read the full report via Bright Data.

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