Returnal: Ascended co-op mode announced for March 22

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Sony announced on today’s state of play that Returnal is getting a new DLC that adds co-op mode among other things. A new update called Ascended will launch on March 22.

According to the trailer in Ascension, you will be “allowed to share your entire journey with another player via the Atropos shifting labyrinth.”

Harry Krueger, director of developer Housemark, elaborated on this in a blog post: “Apart from connecting players’ stories and creating a sense of friendship, the momentary comfort you get from joining other players can also allow you to get ahead of the game if you get stuck again. Progress is tied to the host, so if you are struggling to overcome a particular boss or biome, bringing in another player to help can pave the way for your victory. ” He also clarified that guests will also get to save a small portion of their progress.

Another major addition to Ascend is the Tower of Sisyphus, which Kruger calls “effectively our endless mode”. Players can strive to achieve higher levels in the tower, which is designed to test their survival skills. Kruger also teased that “the tower also has a whole new story material to explore. I won’t spoil anything here, but the players will get another small glimpse of Celine’s troubled past and gain more insight into her mental state.”

According to Housemark, the update will be free for all users.

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