Sam Barlow’s Immortality is out on July 26

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Her Story has a release date for Sam Barlow’s next game and it’s very soon. Immortality is out in just over a month. The new Narrative FMV game is timely exclusive to the Xbox Series X / S and is launching on PC with the game pass.

Immortality has a player investigating the disappearance of (fictional) actress Marissa Marcel. Marcel is missing, and players must find clues from three (fictional) films in which Marcel appeared to find out what happened.

Players must examine the clips, characters, and shots of three unreleased films together to gradually unravel the mystery of Marcel’s disappearance.

FMV games aren’t common these days, though the style is much more in Sam Barlow’s wheelhouse. Her 2015 story was an extraordinary event and critically acclaimed. Barlow’s follow-up, lying, was good but people know what to expect.

It’s been a few years since then, and I think I’ve forgotten what Barlow was capable of. Marissa Marcel, you know, I checked myself twice to see if it was real.

It turns out it’s not, but the new trailer didn’t get me like the old trailer. A game I never thought of has deep hooks in me now.

Immortality is launching on Game Pass, Steam and GOG on July 26.

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