Samsung unveils Exynos 2200 with Xclipse GPU, based on AMD RDNA2 architecture

exynos 2200

Samsung today unveiled the Exynos 2200, its latest flagship chipset that will power the Galaxy S22 smartphone in certain regions. The new platform is based on 4nm EUV process technology and comes with a custom GPU called Xclipse.

It is based on the AMD RDNA2 architecture and, like the “single hybrid graphics processor” that offers advanced features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading on mobile devices, is the first smartphone chip to do so. Ray tracing is a technique that mimics how light behaves in real life, calculating the speed and color of objects as light rays bounce off surfaces.

The hardware-accelerated feature offers real effects and immersive graphics, making games that support these features as good as they look. Variable rate shading is another technology implemented in PC and console games. Developers apply less shading in areas where quality has not been compromised, improving frame rate and smooth gameplay.

The Exynos 2200 is also one of the first chips to integrate ARMv9 CPU cores. The octa-core processor has a single powerful CortexX2 core, three CortexA710 cores that balance performance and efficiency, and four smaller CortexA510 cores for power efficiency.

Traditionally, Samsung does not disclose the frequency of its chips. Newer GPUs and upgraded CPUs also have more powerful NPUs to keep company. Compared to the Exynos 2100, the performance is doubled and allows more calculations in parallel, improving the overall performance of the AI.

The chipset is powered by the latest LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. The 5G modem operates at both Sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies, while the global navigation system is compatible with all major standards and satellites. Samsung said the Exynos 2200 is “currently in mass production”. We’ll see the Galaxy S22 lineup with the chip, but rumors point to February 8th as a possible launch date.

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