Science fiction: Elyse Flayme and the final flood

Molly shoots in an acid look. “You know what I think about this type of laundering.”

I did; Everyone did. Elyse Flayme’s best friend Meritxel always came up with ways he could continue to use magic. And Delay Arenia’s destruction, and Alice always said, We have to choose what is important to us, Mer.

We talked at night. Mostly, I listened. I realized that Molly Khan had been alone in that house for a very long time. Her wrong start came out. The horizon faded to black as she ticked the various versions she had tried and rejected. She went to dig in the notebook for half the memorized lines. The truth is, they all seemed pretty good to me, but Molly wasn’t satisfied.

All in all, a certainty was growing in my mind.

Molly Khan emptied another bottle of wine, and when I asked her about Alice Flame – what Alice had hidden; What this avatar was capable of, in the end – she became animated. She kept going to the kitchen to drink more, but this question brought her back to the balcony: she said one thing, then another and another, while I was pleasing her. I was the only witness: there, in the darkness over the ocean, something came out, something: an end.

Soon after, Molly sat down at her desk and began to write down what she had just explained. I fell on the bed in her small guest room. My last thought before bed was that I had succeeded in my mission: to unblock the author, to secure the future of the franchise. Maybe I deserved the commission … that’s just a small cut of $ 20 million.

In the morning, I found Molly in exactly the same place. She did not sleep. The lower slung district of the coffee mug was attached to the tower block of the notebook on his desk. Her keyboard throbbed like a subway car; She did not stop at any station, barrel down the track. She was completely focused; No part of her moved except her fingers, staring at their destination. Did she write all the books this way?

I padded in the kitchen, afraid to disturb her because it would be expensive to break the spell, and because I was afraid she would turn again and her eyes would be like ossic worldlander, pits with dark lightning intrusive shadows.

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