Shanghai’s lockdown is boosting China’s grocery delivery apps, and why Russia’s invasion has stalled

1 Why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is breaking down
He doesn’t seem to be learning from the mistakes he makes, and he’s made a lot of them. (Foreign Affairs 2)
+ Meta’s efforts to prevent misinformation about the war in Ukraine are hurting local publishers. (Coda story)
, NATO says the conflict in Ukraine could last for years. (BBC)
, The UK is sending 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe(The Guardian)

2 social media admin denies whether he is shadowing us
And that means users have less confidence in the platform. (Atlantic 2)
, Elon Musk’s links to China could come back to haunt him on Twitter. (NYT)
, His plan to open the company’s algorithms could also open a worm bin. (TR)
, It seems that Twitter has been overestimating its audience figures for the past three years. (FT)
, But the platform plays host to fantastic gems. (Intelligent 2)

3 How a man escaped a brutal lockdown in Shanghai
After three weeks of intense hunger and uncertainty. (Coda story)
, Weibo will post users’ IP locations to control “bad behavior.”(CNN)
, Tim Cook Concerned About China’s Covid Lockdown May Affect Apple Gear Demand(WSJ)

4 Netflix seeks to lure Asian subscribers away from local streaming competitors
But they are very cheap. (WSJ)
, Hollywood has that pesky VPN. (Wired $)

5 It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what the future holds for Big Tech
The years of crazy growth boom are coming to an end. What now (NYT)
, Snape’s Evan Spiegel is not sold on Metavers(The Verge)

6 Meet Bitcoin fanatics who think crypto is a dirty word
Because moving to a crypto mainstream means more clumsy novices. (The Verge)
, Banks are basically influential now. (Bloomberg 2)
, Scam loan apps are becoming a big problem in India. (Rest of the world)

7 Are groups on Facebook the last good thing?
Creating strong communities on other platforms is not so easy. (Atlantic 2)
, Landlord influencers don’t mind if you don’t like them(Input)

8 Depression can be difficult to detect. Video games can help
But they are not enough to diagnose. (WP)

9 We do not know who is behind the increase in spam calls
However, we do know that they will probably keep coming. (Slate)

10 Spanish workers replace old phones with furniture
Which is a fun approach to tackling our growing e-waste problem. (Bloomberg 2)

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